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Navdeep Singh Gill

Navdeep Singh Gill is serving as Chief Executive Officer and Product Architect at XenonStack. He holds expertise in building SaaS Platform for Decentralised Big Data management and Governance, AI Marketplace for Operationalising and Scaling. His incredible experience in AI Technologies and Big Data Engineering thrills him to write about different use cases and its approach to solutions.

Understaning HTTP Security Headers and XSS Attacks

Cyber Security

Understaning HTTP Security Headers and XSS Attacks

What is a Security Header? After traveling to any website inside the browser, the browser sends a few request headers to the server, and additionally, the server responds with HTTP reaction headers. These headers are hired via the purchaser and server to proportion data as part of the HTTP protocol. Browsers have described the conduct of the website as consistent with those headers for the duration of conversation with the server. These...