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Digital Solutions for Education Industry

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Digital Classroom Services and Solutions for Education Sector

Digital Solutions in the Education Industry has impacted the industry in Creative Skill Development, Augmenting teacher’s role, Remote education to teach at a large scale. Communication Technology involving conducting Conferences with E-content and digital technologies. Promoting Educational Data Mining for better Career Predictions and Academic Analytics, Enrolment Management, Facilitate Management focusing on Targeted Student Advising, Behavioural Analytics, and In-Memory Analytics.

  • Education_003 Icon Adaptive Learning

    Adaptive Learning

  • Education_004 Icon Learning Analytics

    Learning Analytics

  • Education_005 Icon Student Performance Management

    Student Performance Management

  • Education_006 Icon Prognostic Analytics

    Prognostic Analytics

  • Education_21 Icon Responsive education content capabilities

    Responsive education content capabilities

  • Education_22 Icon AI-enabled remote proctoring

    AI-enabled remote proctoring

Adaptive Learning

Learning Analytics

Student Performance Management

Prognostic Analytics

Education_012 Illustration Adaptive Learning
Education_008 M Icon Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

It involves high-quality Summative and Formative Assessments, Education Product Development, Tailored Learning Approach, Gamified Learning, Content Curation, alignment and integration, fast collective feedback, addresses individual needs, differentiative pathways, data collection, and analytics, customize student instructions.

  • Solutions to create interactive course content

  • End-to-End platform for Content Monitoring and Management

  • Personalize content and educational experiences

Education_013 Illustration Learning Analytics
Education_009 M Icon Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics

It includes Online Learning, Knowledge Analytics, improved quality teaching, self-regulated learning, reporting efficiency, Smart Learning Analytics, Longitudinal Analytics involving Blackboard Analytics, identifying risks of results through Predictive Analytics, Student Information systems, and Democratizing, Effective Learning Analytics.

  • Predictive analytics based personalized e-learning services

  • Building a Data-Driven Decision-Making Culture

  • Seamless Student Information management Solutions

Education_014 Illustration Student Performance Management
Education_010 M Icon Student Performance Management

Student Performance Management

It streamlines the performance review process, with complete tracking of students, connecting Performance Management with Talent Management, enabling valid performance combinations, Real-Time feedbacks, innovative goal practices, intrinsic rewards, Eligibility Management, Configurable Management, Improvement cycle, measures, and performance.

  • Analytics based Solutions for gaining in-depth insight into the academic progress

  • AI-enabled remote proctoring Solutions

  • Enhanced digital user experience and student onboarding solutions

Education_015 Illustration Prognostic Analytics
Education_011 M Icon Prognostic Analytics

Prognostic Analytics

Prognostic Assessment includes precise evaluation, prognostic personality, a summary of existing abilities and interests, school enrollment, selection assessment, quality assurance and sustainability, individual one-day Assessment, periodically defined goals, career recommendations, school psychologists in the student education process to look at future student development

  • Real-Time Assessment of the student’s performance

  • Historical Data management and comparison offerings

  • Empowering Best Practices for building recommendation based Solutions

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Use Cases

E-Learning Analytics Platform for Enhanced User Experience

Big Data is carving the Educational Sector to study through software, receive instant feedback, student’s behavior and results. Big Data Analytics Platform in E-Learning concentrates on the use of data to leverage training results. With the usage of powerful tools such as predictive analysis, multi-source knowledge mapping, and machine learning, it is likely to design a system that provides individual Learning Analytics needs. Incorporating analytics with online learning results in a more extensive and in-depth evaluation of pupils.

14 April 2019

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