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Enterprise Transformation Readiness Assessment

Cloud Maturity Model and Readiness Assessment

Cloud Infrastructure Adoption Assessment

XenonStack offers Solutions for Multi Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring and Management, defining RoadMap for Cloud Migration and Cloud Security.

Cloud Migration Advisory and Strategy

Supporting Enterprises in developing and accomplishing cloud-first strategy further enhancing operational agility, security and availability of the infrastructure

Phased Cloud Implementation roadmap

End-to-End Implementation Roadmap determining the processes the application’s architecture Re-Architecture/Re-Deployment capabilities

Cloud Managed Services

Managed Services for Cloud Maturity Assessment and Hybrid Cloud Deployment Strategy.

Xenonstack Big Data Maturity Model Image

Big Data Maturity Model and Assessment

XenonStack Big Data Readiness Assessment helps an Enterprise to build and establish Big Data Integration, Big Data Governance and Security, Big Data Management Capabilities

Xenonstack Assessing Big Data Maturity Image

Assessing Big Data Maturity

Building a build data driven roadmap outlining the company’s business objectives and Big Data Management Strategy.

Xenonstack Big Data Integration Image

Big Data Integration and Development Capabilities

Helping Enterprises Map the implementation roadmap beginning from data collections, processing and data analytics.

Xenonstack Big Data Managed Services Image

Big Data Managed Services

Managed Big Data Services for migration of Big Data components, and Approach for Implementation of Data Modernization and Optimization

DevOps Maturity Model and Assessment

XenonStack DevOps Readiness Assessment helps an Enterprise to assess their DevOps capabilities as they relate to each stage of the lifecycle with specific focus on the DevOps Tools which can help them to adopt DevOps Capabilities effectively.

Xenonstack Devops Transformation Image

DevOps Transformation Readiness Assessment

With a DevOps Assessment, an Organization can evaluate its culture, business processes orientation, and modernization of development architecture

Xenonstack Implementing Devops Image

Implementing DevOps leveraging it’s True Potential

Understand how DevOps can empower an Enterprise to achieve greater business value for their business and innovate faster, and shorten feedback loops.

Xenonstack Devops Automation Image

DevOps Automation Strategy

Developing a streamlined DevOps Adoption strategy aid firms to establish GitOps and Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Cloud Native and Microservices abilities

Xenonstack Devops Managed Image

DevOps Managed Services

DevOps Managed Automation Services for Enterprises to facilitate Automated Security Alerts, Single Click Deployments and Monitoring Solutions

Xenonstack Cloud Maturity Model Image

Cloud Maturity Model and Assessment

Xenonstack Data Science Maturity Image

Data Science Maturity Model and Assessment

Discover the power of Machine Learning and Deep Learning with readiness assessment and explore current readiness of Scaling AI/ML Operations on Cloud

Xenonstack AI First Strategy Image

AI-First Strategy Development and Roadmapping

Building the strategy for aligning AI effectiveness, blueprint of phase AI Performance Benchmarks and alignment with business objectives

Xenonstack Implementing Enterprise Image

Implementing Enterprise AI First Strategy

The path to being an AI-First Enterprise begins with determining the AI-driven initiatives and governance practices to facilitate successful AI implementation.

Xenonstack AI and Machine Learning Image

AI and Machine Learning Managed Services

End-to-End Managed Services to Optimize and Scale Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence workloads for enhanced Performance and efficiency.

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