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Digital Media and Entertainment Transformation Service Providers

Digital Solutions in media and entertainment to help Enterprises leverage the power of Big Data by providing generative AI, real-time analytics, hyperautomation, and platform engineering for improved customer service, increased productivity, targeted AI based promotions, and intelligent decision making.

Video Content Management and Platforms

Cyber Attacks Analytics

Intelligent Advertising Services

AI-enabled Audience targeting


Human and Decision-Centric Approach for Intelligent Outcomes

Understand and map your readiness towards adopting modern digital platforms

Video Content Management

Cyber Attacks Analytics

Video and Social Media Analytics

Data Journalism

Video Content Management and Platforms

It includes License-based Software as a Service (SaaS) online video content solutions for automated Asset Management, accelerating the content creation, OTT, and Digital Publishing segmented by type, user, application, and region. Advertising Management, Video Catalogs Management, Progressive Downloads, and Transcoding.

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Cyber Attacks Analytics

It involves Phishing and Spear-Phishing detection and Prevention, Intrusion Detection and Incident Response, recognizing deception and uncertainties, Cyber Authentication, Threat Hunting, Entity Behaviour Analytics, Actionable Intelligence, Cyber Threat Intelligence, eliminating data leakage, and enabling Private Data Protection.

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Video and Social Media Analytics

Video Analytics Solutions for Podcasts promotion on Social Media, Social Video involving Social Media and Video Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Animated Videos, YouTube Advertisements, Real-Time listening, diversifying social networks, On-Demand GeoFilters, Digital Analytics, GeoTargeting, Influencer Marketing, Social Media BenchMarking.

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Data Journalism

It involves patterns rather than events focusing on contexts than individual incidents. Data Visualization platform solutions for Social Media platforms, reach a vast audience at large scale, build social relationships, streamlining media workflows, Automated Journalism.

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Digital Transformation Services

Accelerate your Organization’s growth with our leading Digital Transformation Services


Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize operations with AI-powered Digital Transformation Services, unlocking unparalleled growth potential for your organization's success and innovation.


Intelligent Cloud

Elevate your organization's growth with our Intelligent Cloud solutions, driving innovation and efficiency for accelerated digital transformation.


Big Data

Maximize growth potential with our Big Data solutions, harnessing insights to drive strategic decisions and propel digital transformation forward.


Robotic Process Automation

Empower growth through Robotic Process Automation, streamlining workflows and optimizing efficiency to propel your organization's digital transformation journey forward.


Cyber Security

Secure growth with our Cyber Security solutions, safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring resilience against evolving threats for sustainable transformation.


Platform Strategy

Optimize growth through our Platform Strategy, leveraging scalable frameworks to drive innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage in digital transformation.

Industry 6.0 - AutonomousOps with Human + AI Intelligence

Industry 6.0 will be enabled with fully integrated, intelligent systems that can operate autonomously with Quantum Computing, AI and Nanotechnology.

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