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Visualizing Tomorrow: Unlocking Potential with Vision AI Solutions

Embrace the future of intelligent decision-making, elevate your strategy, and discover new horizons with Vision AI leading the way towards unprecedented success

Driving Efficiency and Performance with Edge AI Solutions

Seamlessly integrate Edge AI capabilities into your network infrastructure for efficient and real-time data processing.

Edge Computing Services for Real-time Capabilities

Revolutionizing industries by incorporating edge computing capabilities that transform businesses and ensure the applications remain scalable, secure, and productive.

Edge-enabled Solutions

Global Industry Impact

A multitude of industries are harnessing the power of Edge AI and Vision AI solutions, including these:

Enterprise Data Catalog

AI-powered Data Quality Profiling

Document Data Extraction

DataOps Solutions

Serverless Capabilities


Enterprise Data Catalog and Discovery Solutions

Automated Data Curation: Streamline data curation processes with AI-driven solutions for enhanced efficiency.

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AI-powered Data Quality Profiling

Leverage AI for accurate data quality profiling and comprehensive technical metadata capture.

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Document Data Extraction

Utilize graph analytics and extraction tools to structure data from vast document repositories.

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DataOps Solutions

Deploy an Enterprise DataOps Platform for seamless modern data integration and management.

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Serverless Capabilities

Implement infrastructure-free applications and cataloging systems for rapid data asset retrieval.

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Optimizing Data Management

Fostering a Data-Driven Culture through Enhanced Strategies for Discovery, Governance, and Integration.


Enhanced Data Discovery

Effortlessly navigate through an organized inventory of data assets to quickly pinpoint relevant information vital for business insights.


Improved Data Governance

Implement robust protocols and standards to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and regulatory compliance throughout the data lifecycle.


Streamlined Data Integration

Seamlessly merge disparate data sources, including structured and unstructured data, to create a unified view for comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

XenonStack Insights

Leverage advanced analytics and AI-driven insights to transform your business through streamlined data cataloging and integration with your data lake house.

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Data Lakehouse Architecture and its Use Cases in Industries

Revolutionize data management with a unified approach that combines the scalability of a data lake and the reliability of a data warehouse, enabling versatile analytics and insights.


Top Enterprise Data Catalog Tools

A leading platform for data governance and cataloging, offering comprehensive metadata management and collaboration features.


Compherending Data Catalog with Data Discovery

Bridge the gap between data governance and user needs by integrating robust data discovery capabilities into your data catalog, facilitating agile decision-making and data-driven innovation.


Harnessing the Power of Enterprise Data Catalog

Empower data stakeholders with intuitive search, collaboration features, and data profiling tools, ensuring data quality, accessibility, and trust across the organization.

Computer Vision Development Offerings

Services for Enterprises to enable Face recognition/ detection, Video analytics and Image processing Solutions.


Amazon Rekognition-based Solutions

Facilitate more useful results from your video and image with automated Image and Video Analysis solutions with Amazon Rekognition.

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Google Cloud Vision Offerings

Google AutoML Vision solution offerings for Deriving insights from images in cloud.

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Scaling applications with Azure Cognitive Services

Facilitate and drive video and image analysis in real-time on cloud.

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Transform to Neural Company to redefine your business


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Optimizes resource usage and reduces bandwidth requirements by performing computations closer to the data source.