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DataOps Solutions for Enterprise Data Management and Integration

Data Integration Management and Development Solutions.


DataOps Services and Solutions

XenonStack offers DataOps Solutions for building Data-driven Applications, Enhanced Data Analytics, DataOps for Databases which includes re-engineering for performance and modernization and with DataOps Approach for Agile-based project management Data can be processed faster and in a secure way.

  • Enhanced Data Analytics
  • Improved Data Security
  • Streamlining Data Integration
  • Enterprise-grade Data Management
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DataOps Solutions for Management and Governance

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Improved Data Security

XenonStack offers solutions for enabling Big Data Compliance, Analytics Security, Hadoop Security, and Data Security Governance

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Streamlining Data Integration

Solutions for Operationalizing and Simplifying Real-Time Data Integration.

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Enterprise-Grade Data Management

Enterprise Integrated data solutions for Master Data Management, Data Governance, and Data Security.

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Intelligent DataOps platform

Building Intelligent DataOps Platform for enabling effective Data Integration and Data Drift Management.

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DataOps Platform for Modern Data Integration

  • Reducing Data Friction
  • Faster Data pipelines
  • Automation of Data governance processes
  • Enabling efficient and better operations
  • Hybrid Cloud Data Integration Solutions

Develop and Deploy Data Analytics Pipelines

Building Analytics Stack On Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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AWS Big Data Analytics

AWS Analytics and Big Data solutions with Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Glue, Amazon Athena, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora.

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Google Cloud for Big Data

Cloud DataFlow, Cloud Dataproc and Google BigQuery for Batch and Stream Processing analytics on Google Cloud.

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Azure Data Lake Solutions

Azure Stream Analytics and Data Lake Analytics with HDInsight for IoT and Streaming Solutions.

Role of DataOps in Building a Data-Driven Organization

Explore how DataOps combines Agile Development, DevOps and Statistical Processes and applies them to Data Analytics.

How DataOps Works