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Cloud Native Application Development Services and Solutions

Migration to Cloud Native Architecture.


Cloud-Native Application Development Services

Cloud-Native Application is an approach for Adopting Cloud Computing features and Capabiblites for building and Deploying the Microservices applications. Enterprises Needs Platform Strategy for Application Modernization and Moving away from Legacy workloads for automating and integrating DevOps and continuous Delivery Pipelines with Microservices, Serverless, Docker and Kubernetes.

XenonStack has Digital Platform Design and Development Center of Excellence for Microservices, and Serverless applications to transform your legacy and Monolithic applications with Agile Principles.

  • Digital Platform Design and  Strategy
  • 6R’s Application Modernization Approach
  • Microservices Design and Development
  • REST API’s and gRPC Implementation in Golang and Rust
  • Design System Approach for User experience.
  • Multi-Cloud and Data-Driven Applications
  • AI-First and Security-First Approach
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Cloud-Native Modernization Services

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Legacy Modernization

End to end services to modernize application portfolio & accelerate cloud adoption across the enterprise to improve operational performance and create a distinct business advantage.

Legacy Modernization
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Cloud Migration

Roadmap for implementation of enterprise cloud migration: cloud platform selection, effort estimation, interface handling, storage management, and license management.

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Backend Migration Solutions

RESTFUL API’s Development, Database Designing, Modeling for enterprise Application with various languages and database support.

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Big Data Migration and Optimization

Migrate data from any Source to Big Data Infrastructure and Build Integrated analytics Cloud.

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Application Integration Services

Reduction of the operational cost and complexity of enterprise's heterogeneous IT ecosystem and enable reliable and agile infrastructure.

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Why adopt Cloud-Native Strategy

  • Microservices architectural approach
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Automatic Redundancy
  • Simplified build, deploy and management of applications
  • Manage Resources automatically
  • Enterprise Agility

Cloud Native DevOps and Microservices on Kubernetes

Deploy a Cloud-Native Application in Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Deployment