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Application Migration and Modernization Solutions

Fast and Accurate Application Migration.


Application Modernization Services and Strategy

Move your data and applications securely and economically on Hybrid and Multi-Cloud without any disruption to the end-user. Enable the migration of Monolithic applications to Microservices and Serverless architecture with Cloud Native Transformation including the integration of new functionality and Continuous Delivery Pipeline to create new value from an existing application. With DevOps, Enterprise Can design and Build Faster and reliable software with Shorter Release Cycles.

  • Legacy and Monolithic Application Assessment
  • 6R’s Application Modernization Approach
  • Migration to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
  • REST API’s and gRPC Implementation
  • Cloud-Native Transformation
  • DevOps Pipeline Automation and Continuous Delivery
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Application Migration Services

Enterprise Data Strategy to Transform Business

RESTful API Development

RESTFUL API’s Development, Database Designing, Modeling for enterprise Application with various languages and database support.

Explore RESTful API Development
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Migration to Microservice Architecture

Migrate to Microservices architecture using Docker and Kubernetes. XenonStack Progressive web application Development enables application with Reactive Programming for Event-Driven Applications.

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Migration from RDBMS to Big Data Platform

XenonStack adopts best practices for Data Migration, Data Error-Handling and Data Backup. Our Real-Time Migrations are supported on Cloud and On-Premises.

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Cloud-Native Application Modernization

Get industry-specific solution with continuous delivery and integration hence enabling enterprise agility powered by DevOps

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Big Data Migration and Optimization

Xenonstack Big Data Solution helps enterprises to migrate from traditional Data Warehousing to Big Data Warehousing. Thus Build Integrated analytics Cloud.

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Strategic Approach to Application Modernization Strategy

  • Define Goals for Modernization
  • Legacy system assessment framework
  • Estimating system modernization costs
  • Right Modernization Approach
  • Optimization
  • Maintenance and support

Product Engineering Services and Solutions

Amazon Web Services. Highly scalable, complete cloud platform. Microsoft Azure. IaaS and PaaS computing for development, deployment, and management. Google Cloud Platform. Developer products and cloud technologies hosted by Google.

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Solution for AWS Big Data Analytics

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable and scalable Cloud Computing Services.

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Solution for Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) lets you build and host applications and websites on Google Cloud Infrastructure.

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Solution for Microsoft Azure Data Lake

Microsoft Azure offers enterprise grade cloud computing platform for building, deploying, managing applications.

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Solution for Container and Private Cloud

Deploy, Manage and Maintain Private and Hybrid Clouds across any Infrastructure using OpenStack and Kubernetes

ETL Solutions, Data Migration and Integration

Data Migration Techniques and Best Practices.

Build Data Migration Platform