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Enterprise Application Modernization Solutions and Consulting Services

Move your data and applications securely and economically on Hybrid and Multi-Cloud without any disruption to the end-user. Enable the migration of Monolithic applications to Microservices and Serverless architecture with Cloud Native Transformation, including integrating new functionality and Continuous Delivery Pipeline to create new value from an existing application. With DevOps, Enterprise Can design and Build Faster and reliable software with Shorter Release Cycles.

  • XenonStack Legacy and Monolithic Application Image

    Legacy and Monolithic Application Assessment

  • XenonStack 6R's Application Modernization Image

    6R’s Application Modernization Approach

  • XenonStack Migration to Hybrid Image

    Migration to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

  • XenonStack Rest API's Image

    REST API’s and gRPC Implementation

  • XenonStack Cloud Native Transformation Image

    Cloud-Native Transformation

  • XenonStack DevOps Pipeline Automation Image

    DevOps Pipeline Automation and Continuous Delivery

Cloud-Native Application Modernization

Get industry-specific solutions with continuous delivery and integration hence enabling enterprise agility powered by DevOps best practices.

Application Modernization Strategy Consulting

Application Modernization Solutions

Deploy and manage applications at Scale with Mainframe Modernization and Cloud Native Capabilities

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