XenonStack Recommends

Enterprise Application Development and  Modernisation Services

Driving Digital Engineering and Operations with Cloud Native Applications

Modernising the enterprise applications for digital transformation with cloud to drive business value. Enterprise solution services for digital operations to build Data-driven, scalable applications for resilience and reliability. 


Application Modernization

Embrace agile and efficiency driven application culture and build future- ready solutions.


Modern Infrastructure

Implementing industry-ready solutions to resolve architectural limitations and reduce management complexity.


Cloud-First Development

Modern Cloud solutions are concentrated on lowering overhead IT costs, enhancing overall flexibility, and ensuring reliant applications.

Enterprise Data Strategy to Transform Business

Enterprise Data Strategy is ceterd around leveraging a variety of Data to support the company’s overall business strategy and ablility to define critical data assets.Understand how does data generate value and what is data ecosystem, how do we define data governance and compliance.


Enterprise Application Development

Application Modernization

End-to-End Solutions for Legacy Application Modernization, Reengineering and Development.

Application Management and Development

Application Performance Management and Strategy solutions to optimize and enhance IT and business objectives.

Application Security Strategy

Building Application Security Solutions concentrated around identifying exploitable vulnerabilities and empowering security automation.

Enterprise Search Solutions

Building search-driven applications with Real-Time Indexing, and ML- driven query processing capabilities.

Serverless Applications

Serverless Application Management and Development Solutions for designing scalable and highly-available applications.

Python Application Development

Develop Python-based applications that take advantage of leading frameworks and tools.


Digital Enterprise Capabilities

Digital Transformation

Driving Digital Transformation for streamlining operations, automating business processes and building modern applications.

Industrial Digital Transformation

Leverage transformation-led solutions driven on ensuring enhancing sustainability and scaling productivity for operations.

Digital Twin Consulting

Improve Business Process Efficiency and streamline customer experience across operations.

Digital Product Engineering

Industry-leading product modernization and scalable development solutions for Businesses.

Enterprise Digital Technology

Empowering Modernized strategy, which concentrates on extracting business value and achieving transformation objectives.

Digital Commerce consulting

End-to-End Strategy consulting for enriching digital experience, customer engagement, and building Recommendations.


Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Security Services

With real-time cyber analytics, and managed threat detection and response solutions, enterprises can automate, and secure security environments.

Disaster Recovery

Simplified management solution with built-in security controls across multiple environments to reduce complexity and build profitable, comprehensive recovery.

Vulnerability Management

Assess your enterprise applications, whether they are deployed in the cloud or on-premises or vulnerabilities.

Compliance management

Compliance management solution for enterprises organization to enhance and protect your business by implementing the threat awareness culture.

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

AI-driven cyber security solutions for gaining security intelligence, malware detection capabilities, and driving analytics initiatives.

Managed Security Operation Services

Solutions to empower enterprises to organize and remediate vulnerabilities and remediate consistency violations through an automated approach.


Cloud Consulting Strategy

Digital Transformation

End-to-End cloud consulting and strategy solutions built around Streamlining the cloud transformation journey.

Hybrid-Multi Cloud Solutions

Build agility and scale infrastructure deployment with Hybrid Multi-Cloud Ecosystem.

Cloud Native Application Development

Embrace Cloud-Native capabilities and ensure accelerated productivity, scalability, and simplified operations management.

Cloud Infrastructure

Optimize and manage workloads effectively, concentrated on promoting smoother and agile business operations.

Cloud Managed Services

With centralized monitoring and management of deployed workloads, businesses can build infrastructure with near-zero outages and disaster recovery capabilities.

Cloud Analytics

Accelerate delivery of insights and gain application performance intelligence in real- time.


Enterprise Migration Strategy

Data Center Migration

Incorporating Data center migration best practices developed for promoting a smooth transition and cost-effective infrastructure.

Cloud Migration Services

Drive infrastructure management initiatives, optimize Cloud development costs and decrease complexity.

AWS Cloud Migration

Transforming and redefining Applications with AWS-based Cloud Migration capabilities and solution offerings.

Azure Cloud Migration and Modernization

Ensure reliant and agile infrastructure with Microsoft Azure cloud migration services.

Automated Migration from Hadoop

Overview to Hadopp architecture challenges and Hadoop to Cloud Migration Principles.

Migrate Legacy Data

Understand how to utilize Data Migration Best Practices and Solutions effectively.


Enterprise Platform Transformation

Digital Platform Strategy

In-depth guide for building Enterprise Digital Platform Strategy Framework and capabilities.

Digital Platform Engineering

Empowering Platform Modernization and enablement solutions built around maximizing platform adoption and performance.

Intelligent Enterprise Platform

Overview to Intelligent Enterprise Platform Capabilities and Components.

Building Platform-as -a-Service

What are the challenges and best practices of building Platform-as-a- Service?

Enterprise Internal Developer Platform

An holistic overview of why Enterprises need an Internal Developer Platform.

IoT Platform development

What are the Best Practices for Implementing IoT Cloud Platform?


Enterprise Data Management

Data Warehouse Services

Data Warehouse Implementation and Migration Solutions for enterprises to simplify data management and increase efficiency.

Enterprise Data Fabric

With Self-service, and composable architecture appraoch enterprise can proactively manage data.

Data Lake

Enterprise Data lake solutions for empowering centralized and quicker Insights into data.

Data Management with DataOps

Enabling DataOps best practices for making data accessible across the organization and improving business process decision making.

Augmented Data Quality

Adapting Augmented data quality best practices results in reliable and high-quality data.

Big Data Solutions

Build scalable Modern Architecture which supports data warehousing and governance capabilities.

enterprise-ai- capabilities

Enterprise AI Capabilities

Computer Vision Services

Transform unstructured image and video data into key insights with customized offerings.

Robotic Process Automation

Embrace RPA best practices and Accelerate process delivery and business productivity for enterprises.

Natural Language Processing Solutions

Leverage leading NLP techniques for gaining Sentiment Analysis and Intent Analytics in real-time.

Customer Behavior Analytics

With personalized product service recommendations, customer behavior prediction enterprise can increase customer Engagement and enable a 360-degree view.

Managed AI Cloud

Intelligent Operations Solutions support enterprises to operationalize deployment processes, enable Automated access control and gain visibility.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Building BI Strategy and Roadmap for improving the Organization’s decision making, promoting Data Intelligence and Embedded Analytics capabilities.


Enterprise Security Solutions

Cloud Security Consulting

Streamline Cloud Security posture and facilitate security control implementation and observability.

DevSecOps Solutions

Empower secure automated processes and embed continuous security driven best practices across enterprise.

Container Security

Gain visibility with Vulnerability management abilities, and adhere to Container compliance standards.

Kubernetes Security

Secure Kubernetes Deployment and empower Kubernetes Role- Based Access Control (RBAC) at scale.

Cyber Security Services

With Real-Time Cyber Analytics, and Managed threat detection and response solutions, enterprises can automate, and secure security environments.

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

AI-driven Cyber Security solutions for gaining security Intelligence, malware detection capabilities, and driving analytics initiatives.


Infrastructure as Code Solutions

Continuous Compliance

Monitor company’s security posture to ensure it always meets regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Cloud-Native Capability

Enable organizations to build and scale efficiently with multi-cloud management, cloud-native application operations and right Kubernetes distribution.

Cost Optimization

Map the infrastructure cost and strategize better for Improving the work model to enhance business productivity, revenue, and making the most out of the data.

Internal Development Platform

Get the complete control over the infrastructure to effectively and proactively run business with infrastructure automation best practices.

Cloud Native for 5G

Ensure safe obstacles clearance while moving with the 5G deployment to rollout 5G faster and make it available to more users.

Release Engineering

Build fast and reliable pipelines for source code transformation and easy configuration management into faster builds and deployments for multi-environment management.