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5G Implementation Services and Solutions


Challenges in the implementation of 5G

Organizations are taking initiatives to rollout 5G faster and make it available to more users. However, they face several obstacles as they move with the 5G deployment.


Issues with VM-based virtual network functions

Scaling VNFs is hard, and VMs have not been able to provide the needed scalability and reliability for NFVs.


Slower Release Cycles

Communications service providers face problems in delivering bug fixes or new functionality faster.


Implementation of Continuous Compliance

Telcos find it challenging to Ensure compliance standards for your 5G networks?

What are the features of IDP for 5G?

IDP services aim to convert your network operations and governance by leveraging Cloud Native and next-generation technologies.

Setup Flexible 5G Core Networks

Set up and manage complex 5G Core using open standards like free5GC from its inbuilt Marketplace components.

Scale & Orchestrate Networks

Scale-out your 5G Networks with the power of Kubernetes. Elastic and scalable capacity for on-demand requirements for On-Premises and Hybrid Environments.

Automation at Ease

Rapidly deploy clusters and services in minutes with ready-made modules from IDP’s Marketplace Components for 5G.

Cloud-Native Functions on Containers

Manage network functions running in containers. Each CNF can be composed of multiple pods or microservices that comply with the 5G standard.

Convenient Life-cycle Management

Achieve in a non-disruptive automated manner using standard container orchestration tools.


5G Technology Solutions for Enterprise

Integrate Software Development Best Practices in 5G Ecosystem to help accelerate evolution to networks and services


Multi-Cloud Support

Easier shift towards the multi-cloud approach for 5G, Transition through Private, Hybrid and Multi Cloud environments easily.


Kubernetes for 5G with Batteries Included

Fully Managed Kubernetes Optimized for 5G use-cases with Registry, Observability Service Mesh, Image Registry included.


Faster Application Delivery

Integrated CI-CD for Faster Release Cycles for your NFs and Custom Microservices.


Massive Marketplace Optimized

Use the readymade plug-and-play modules and NFs.


Auditability & RBAC

Assign authority, maximize autonomy & compliance.

4C’s of Internal Developer Platform for Telcos


Centralized Management for Edge

Manage Edge Deployment of 5G networks and services from Centralised System.


Cloud Native Functions for 5G

Certified Kubernetes Distribution Optimised for Telco Use Cases.

4cs-cost -efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Tangible Benefits in Reduced CapEx and OpEx. Cost Visibility Model Improve Scalability.


Composability and Reusability

Develop Components as Modular Microservices and Delivery faster using CI-CD.