Digital Enterprise Services and Solutions

DevOps Consulting Companies

Product and Platform Engineering

XenonStack Provides Digital Engineering services to help organizations to build successful products and services at Scale to discover customer behaviors, needs, New Business Opportunities and Future Requirements.

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Big Data Consulting Services

Digital Transformation

XenonStack's Digital Transformation Services support enterprises to transform traditional business Models, user experience, operational Processes, Business agility and cost efficiency with the cloud, automation, analytics and AI.

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Machine Learning Service Providers

Digital Twins

With advanced Data Analytics Services, XenonStack provides Big Data management and governance, real-time analytics, Decision Science with Machine learning and Deep learning for actionable and Deep Insights.

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Customer Insights and Solutions For Digital Transformation

DevOps Strategy and Best Practices, Kubernetes Consulting, Cloud Native Application Migration, Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Serverless and BigData

Serverless and Big Data

Data Ingestion and Processing Platform For IoT Solutions

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Predictive Analytics

Anomaly Detection Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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Big Data Use Cases

Kubernetes And MicroServices

Monitoring of Java Microservices Using Spring Boot and Cloud

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DevOps Use Cases

GitOps and AIOps

Data Processing Platform Using Apache Hive and Presto on Amazon Cloud

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Product Engineering with Agile and DevOps

Continuous Delivery Platform

Continuous Delivery and DevOps Platform

Continuous Delivery Platform for Cloud - Native application and Microservices Architecture for SaaS Application and Big Data Analytics Infrastructure on Kubernetes and helps the enterprise to build Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment seamlessly with deep insights using deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Real-Time and Streaming Big Data Integration Platform

Real-Time and Streaming Big Data Integration Platform

Provides Data Integration from any Source ( CSV, flat, Files, API’s and Databases), Data transformation, Data cleaning and processing with open source Data Warehouse and Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery. It also provides Data Management and Governance with Big Data Analytics Services.

AI and Deep Learning Serverless Platform

AI and Deep Learning Serverless Platform

AI and Deep learning Serverless Platform and Models marketplace for distributed training and Hybrid Models. It also provides infrastructure using Kubernetes for training, development, and deployment of Models.

Full Stack IoT Platform with Predictive Analytics

IoT Analytics Platform and Solutions

IoT Analytics Platform is a real-time and Streaming IoT analytics Platform and Solution for streaming data integration, Processing, Analytics and Storage for Identity and Access Management, Streaming & Real-Time Data Integration & Real-Time Predictive and Preventive Intelligence using Microservices and Serverless Kubernetes.


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