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DevOps & Continuous Delivery

DevOps provide a way to deliver better quality product faster and at scale. XenonStack Offers DataOps Services & Solutions for Continuous Delivery Pipeline for Application and Big Data Infrastructure.

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Big Data Consulting Services

Big Data Consulting & Solutions

Data Engineering Solutions for Data Integration, Data Management & Error Handling for Real Time Streaming & Batch Data. Build Large Scale Processing Platform, Apache Spark, Apache Flink & Apache Storm.

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Machine Learning Service Providers

Machine learning & Decision Science

Data Science is intersection of Social Science, Statistics, Information Computer Science & Design, XenonStack is passionate to bring these discipline together for turning Data into Actionable Insights.

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Use Cases Across DevOps, Big Data, Cloud Solutions & Data Science

DevOps Strategy, Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Big Data Analytics Stack, Hybrid Cloud &
Decision Science for Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, Government & Finance

Big Data Use Cases

Big Data

Data Ingestion and Processing Platform For IoT Solutions

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Data Science Use Cases

Data Science

Anomaly Detection Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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Big Data Use Cases

Big Data

Data Processing Platform Using Apache Hive and Presto on Amazon Cloud

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DevOps Use Cases


Monitoring of Java Microservices Using Spring Boot and Cloud

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Product Engineering with Agile and DevOps

NexaStack - Continuous DevOps Application Delivery Platform


ElixirData - Modern Big Data Integration Platform


Akira.AI - AI For Enterprise Decision Science


Xenonify - Full Stack IoT Platform with Predictive Analytics


Continuous Delivery Platform

NexaStack - Continuous Delivery DevOps Platform

NexaStack provides highly customisable solution for Enterprises. Nexastack provides Flexibility, Security, and Stability for an Enterprise application and Big Data Infrastructure to deploy on-premises and Public Cloud with visibility and security of devops delivery pipeline with cognitive insights using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Big Data Integration Platform

Elixir Data - Real-Time Big Data Integration Platform

Elixir Data is a Modern Big Data Integration Platform that enables secure Data Pipeline With Data Integrity and Data Management.Elixir Data provides you the freedom to work in desired Data Stack and Programming Language as it integrates well with NoSQL & Big Data Ecosystem, traditional databases and business tools.

Machine Learning Services

Akira AI - AI For Enterprise Decision Science AI Platform enables you to Automate the infrastructure to train and deploy Deep Learning Models on Public Cloud as well as On-Premises, use Docker and kubernetes to Deploy Deep Learning Algorithms and develop Digital Virtual Agents, Chatbots, Predictive agents and cognitive process automation.

Xenonify - Full Stack IoT Platform with Predictive Analytics

Xenonify - Full Stack IoT Platform with Predictive Analytics

Xenonify is a full stack Iot Platform with Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning offering Identity & Access Management, IoT Protocols and Messaging, Streaming & Real Time Data Integration & Analytics for IoT Solution, Real Time Predictive and Preventive Intelligence, Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes for Internet of Things.


Blog On DevOps, Big Data, and Data Science

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AI & Deep Learning
Consulting Services

  • Business Case Ideas
  • Data Veracity Assessment
  • Experience Design
  • Roadmap and Value Mapping
  • Technology Identification
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