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Digital Retail Services

Digital Solutions in Retail has helped Enterprises leverage the power of Big Data by providing improved customer service, targeted promotions, Decisions Making, and Supply Chain Analytics. Real-Time Applications of Predictive Analysis in Retail involve Customer Behaviour Analytics, Recommendation Engines, and Forecasting Trends.

Incident Monitoring and Surveillance

In-Store and Retail Data Analytics

Omni Channel Retail and Experiences

Product Assortment and Market Basket Analytics


Human and Decision-Centric Approach for Intelligent Outcomes

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Incident Monitoring

Retail Data Analytics

Omni Channel Retail

Product Assortment

Incident Monitoring and Surveillance

It involves security systems fully integrated with intrusion and access control providing scalability, agility, and elasticity. CCTV cameras and Video Analytics Solutions for object identification through sensors. Empowering Video Content Analysis for Event, Target Type Detection, and Heat Maps to detect the location of people in Real-Time involving Emergency Management Systems.

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In-Store and Retail Data Analytics

It involves the identification of valuable customers, behavioral insights, tracking sales hourly basis, actionable insights, improved marketing ROI, in-store cameras, identifying purchase points with better purchase decisions. Retail Data Analytics provides an individual customer experience, dynamic pricing, smart revenue forecasting, targeted customer campaigns.

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Omni Channel Retail and Experiences

Builds brand online and offline, discovers target audience, Point of Sale. Order Management Solution, channel-agnostic, Customer Relationship Management, Merchandising, Order Broker Solution, Warehouse Management Solution, E-Commerce, optimal inventory planning, Real-Time Reporting, streamlined Omnichannel sales.

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Product Assortment and Market Basket Analytics

Cognitive Assortment Management, Digital Assortment Analytics, assortment optimization, Customer-Centricity, review shopping patterns. Market Basket Analytics involves Customer Segmentation, Customer Profiling, Precise Targeting, Optimised Store Layouts, Self-Service Analytics, Best Product Association.

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Digital Transformation Services

Accelerate your Organization’s growth with our leading Digital Transformation Services


Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize operations with AI-powered Digital Transformation Services, unlocking unparalleled growth potential for your organization's success and innovation.


Intelligent Cloud

Elevate your organization's growth with our Intelligent Cloud solutions, driving innovation and efficiency for accelerated digital transformation.


Big Data

Maximize growth potential with our Big Data solutions, harnessing insights to drive strategic decisions and propel digital transformation forward.


Robotic Process Automation

Empower growth through Robotic Process Automation, streamlining workflows and optimizing efficiency to propel your organization's digital transformation journey forward.


Cyber Security

Secure growth with our Cyber Security solutions, safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring resilience against evolving threats for sustainable transformation.


Platform Strategy

Optimize growth through our Platform Strategy, leveraging scalable frameworks to drive innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage in digital transformation.

Industry 6.0 - AutonomousOps with Human + AI Intelligence

Industry 6.0 will be enabled with fully integrated, intelligent systems that can operate autonomously with Quantum Computing, AI and Nanotechnology.

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