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Consumer Technology Services

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Consumer Goods and Platform Development Technology Solutions

Smart Artificial Intelligence Solutions drive Consumer Technology in phones, Robotics, Facial Recognition for Online Transactions, Virtual Reality Headsets, and Play Stations, Mini PC’s, WiFi cameras, Automated Drones, Self-driving vehicles, 5G Cellular Networks, Automotive Electronics, Digital Centralization, Home Automation Advancements, AI Permeation, Products, and Services Analytics.

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    Product Engineering and Transformation

  • XenonStack Platform Development and Analytics Image

    Platform Development and Analytics

  • XenonStack Digital Customer Experience Image

    Digital Customer Experience (CX)

  • XenonStack Iot Automation Image

    IoT Automation and Distributed Computing

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    Redefining Consumer experience

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    Revolutionizing Advertising Strategy

Product Engineering and Transformation

Consumer Platform Development and Analytics Solutions

Digital Customer Experience

IoT, Automation and Distributed Computing

XenonStack Product Engineering Image
XenonStack Product Engineering Image

Product Engineering and Transformation

It follows a Digital and Data-Driven approach, constant flow of data throughout the product engineering lifecycle, and combines operational data with analytics to extend product value. Increase customer satisfaction by creating new business models and enhance Operational Performance Feedback using a Proactive approach to derive significant insights with Continuous engineering.

  • Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT Solutions

  • Maximize Infrastructure Availability and Robustness

  • Build Solutions for Footfall Analytics

XenonStack Consumer Platform Development Services Image
XenonStack Consumer Platform Development Services Image

Consumer Platform Development and Analytics Solutions

It includes decentralized networks, third-party partnerships including enterprise, risk revenue streams, Microservices Architecture, adoption of Agile and DevOps, Containerized environments and Management, Serverless Computing, Outcome as a Service(OaaS), Cloud Computing, Social Media Networks, Digital Ecosystems.

  • Ensure supply chain transparency

  • Designing better experiences with software-driven processes

  • Monetize customer touch points with Business Intelligence Abilities

XenonStack Digital Customer Experience Services Image
XenonStack Digital Customer Experience Services Image

Digital Customer Experience

It involves Interaction, Engagement, and Transaction with brands, Hyper personalized and contextual Customer Engagement, Customer Identity and Access Management, Instant Gratification, Customer-Centricity, Self-Service Analytics, seamless Multi Channel Experience, and Customer Lifetime Value Predictions.

  • Improve customer experience with Data-driven Insights

  • Streamline Operational efficiency

  • Scaling direct-to-consumer businesses

XenonStack IoT Automation Image
XenonStack IoT Automation Image

IoT, Automation and Distributed Computing

It involves intelligent interconnection between devices, Ambient Commerce, provides Platform Infrastructure, pre-emptive actions, messaging applications, demand for self-service, AI-powered Customer Engagement, focuses on customer outcomes, IoT integration, and Distributed Ledger Technology.

  • Build Intelligent Enterprise Capabilities

  • Solutions to modernize functioning at the core

  • Product Development and Maintenance offerings

Digital Transformation Services

Accelerate your Organization’s growth with our leading Digital Transformation Services

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Use Cases

Machine Learning Platform for Consumer Technology Industry

In the consumer technology sector, the customer’s primary requirement is carrying cost in category and inventory. Real-time and channel support for client journey, proactively anticipating clients needs, automation in processing, and first-inquiry resolution. Today customers want a year over year trends analysis to get insights related to the different categories and inventory. The consumer also wants a monthly growth, according to their turnover year over year comparison before concluding. Therefore Artificial Intelligence and ML Platform for Consumer Technology is necessary for businesses.

24 Feb 2021

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