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Digital Manufacturing Services

With the rise of Digital Manufacturing Services, the Industry elaborates operations dedicated to producing tactile products shaping factories using robotic minds and display manufacturing. Hence, the Industrial Revolution has resulted in Digital Transformation evolving into smart autonomous manufacturing, triggering actions independently.

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    Predictive Maintenance

  • XenonStack Data Management Platform Image

    Data Management Platform and Enterprise Data Analytics

  • XenonStack Energy Optimization Image

    Energy Optimization and Asset Management

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    Remote Monitoring and Cyber Security Intelligence

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    Next-generation Smart Manufacturing Solutions

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    Equipment utilization monitoring and Inventory management Solutions

Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturing Analytics

Energy Optimisation and Asset Management

Remote Monitoring and Cyber Security Intelligence

XenonStack Industry 4.0 Image
XenonStack Industry 4.0 Image

Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Analytics involves repairing, replacing, and servicing equipment by analyzing operational data from machines, Identification of bottlenecks following statistical methodologies. It includes monitoring through Sensors and data transmission in Real-Time through Cloud improving robotic maintenance.

  • Empowering Smart factory capabilities

  • Enhanced Flexibility and Agility

  • Improved cycle times for greater profitability

XenonStack Data Management Platform image
XenonStack Data Management Platform image

Data Management Platform and Data Analytics - Manufacturing Analytics

With a unified Data Management Platform enterprises can centralize Data Collection, Data Segmentation, Data Analysis, and Data Transfer. Incorporating Manufacturing Analytics strategy results in Enhanced customer satisfaction, seamless risk managing, faster Decision Making through the Agile Approach. Enterprise Data Analytics enables Data Warehouse management, Demand Forecasting, Product Traceability, and Risk Management.

  • Real-Time Equipment and Process Monitoring

  • Enabling Inventory optimization and Transportation Analytics

  • Intelligent asset monitoring for real-time visibility of operations

XenonStack Energy Optimisation Image
XenonStack Energy Optimisation Image

Energy Optimisation and Asset Management

Energy Optimisation and Asset Management comprises Reliability Engineering practices for Asset Monitoring, scheduled maintenance, managed communication, increased productivity, which is aligned with the requirements of the industry.

  • Optimize Manufacturing IT Operations

  • Efficient Management of Asset Management in Real-Time

  • Product lifecycle management

XenonStack Remote Monitoring Image
XenonStack Remote Monitoring Image

Remote Monitoring and Cyber Security Intelligence

Remote Monitoring ensures increased data analysis, rational resource allocation, condition monitoring, portability. Cyber Security Intelligence shields sensitive data, continuous tracking, more in-depth defense, risk assessment, vulnerability testing, plan for readiness, recovery, and response, backup critical data, and restrict employee access.

  • Enable Cybersecurity Governance Roadmap

  • RCyber Security Intelligence Solutions

  • Streamline Supply chain processes and maximize asset utilization

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