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AWS Cloud Migration and Modernization Services

Transforming Applications with AWS Cloud

Enterprises adopting AWS Cloud with Right Competency partners for aligning business and IT strategy for agility and resilience.

XenonStack Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud Migration Strategy

AWS cloud Adoption Framework 3.0 helps enterprises to build right strategy and roadmap for application and database modernization.

XenonStack Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization

Bringing agility with cloud for infrastructure modernization and management of services with IaC and deployment automation tools.

XenonStack Serverless Applications

Serverless Applications

Cloud Native application with serverless enables enterprise to reduce the development time and faster time to market and do experiments.

Building Data Analytics Stack on Google Cloud Platform

A set of Components and modular technologies enables enterprises to build data analytics stack for data collection, processing and management.

XenonStack AWS Wheel

Cloud Strategy Development

Governance and organizational strategy for Enterprises for enabling Migration of Servers, Databases, Applications and Consulting for streamlining Compliance approach.

XenonStack Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

XenonStack AWS Ops Works

AWS Ops Works

XenonStack AWS Cloud Formation

AWS Cloud Formation

XenonStack Elastic Compute Cloud

Elastic Compute Cloud

Cloud Adoption

Prioritizing applications for transformation by business impact, cost, and risk Driving necessary architecture and Orchestrating the defined application roadmap.

XenonStack AWS Route 53

AWS Route 53

XenonStack Amazon Simple Workflow

Amazon Simple Workflow

XenonStack AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Cloud Optimization

Optimizing Custom cloud-based business applications, and empowering Product development lifecycle automation with AWS enabled Services.

XenonStack Amazon Dynamodb

Amazon DynamoDB

XenonStack Amazon S3

Amazon S3

XenonStack Amazon Blockstore

Amazon Elastic Block Store

XenonStack AWS Route 53

Amazon Aurora

AWS based Solutions for Enterprises to develop Scalable and Reliable Applications

XenonStack Cloud Application Development Solutions
XenonStack Technology Consulting Strategy

Build and Develop Industry leading Digital Transformation Solutions

XenonStack has been partnering with leading Technology and Platform Services providers to develop next generation Scalable Solutions. We are Enabling End-to-End Enterprise transformation with next-generation technology capabilities and strategy.

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