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Digital Consulting Services

Enabling Digital Transformation for Enterprises with Data Science, Continuous Delivery, Real-Time Analytics, and Advanced Data Visualization Services. Digitalization with leading Managed Cloud Services for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Private Cloud.XenonStack offers Services to organizations for transforming old Technology Stack to Next-Generation Scalable Stack and effective modernization of existing infrastructures.

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Cloud Managed Solutions

An End-to-End Solutions for empowering enterprises to develop and deploy applications on the Cloud

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AI and Automation

The path for being an AI-First Organization starts from building Scalable AI Solutions, Defining AI drives business outcomes and building AI Adoption Strategy

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DataOps and Real Time Analytics

Building a Data-Driven Organization involves processes to increase data literacy and to develop a culture to embrace new technology seamlessly

Continuous Delivery and Microservices

XenonStack provides DevOps Consulting Services for Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Infrastructure Automation, Monitoring, DevOps Security and Intelligence. Our DevOps Services provide assessment and audit of your existing Infrastructure, development environment and Integration and help you build DevOps Strategy.

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Continuous Integration and Deployment Solutions

Enterprise-ready Solutions for empowering Automated provisioning, Release Management, and more agile deployment of Cloud-native Applications.

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Enterprise DevOps Strategy and Consulting Solutions

DevOps Assessment roadmap involves evaluation of current infrastructure structure, degree of the maturity model, and Readiness to DevOps Adoption

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Decision Science and Cognitive Automation Solutions

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Empowering Businesses to build Edge AI Abilities, develop scalable Artificial Intelligence Platforms and leverage Automation capabilities further Making Enterprise AI an Organizational Asset

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Data Science Services for enabling Enterprises to develop MLOps capabilities, streamline Model Management and Monitoring and generate Intelligent Insights in Real-Time

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Assisting Enterprises to develop and Implement Image, Text and Video Analytics Solutions at Scale

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Incorporate Digital Business Processes with Robotic Process Automation enabled applications and Solutions and improve efficiency and enterprise extensive digital workforce environment

Application Development Services

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development Services for Enterprises to automate, streamline, and develop scalable solutions.

Java Development

Enterprise Java Development Solutions for building Java based applications and Java Implementation Consulting

Python Development

End-to-End Python Web Application Development for building high-performance and optimized applications

Angular.js Development

AngularJS And ReactJS Strategy Consulting and Development Solutions

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Dashboard Design and Development

Modernize Data Visualization strategy with Solutions for Interactive GPU Based Visualization, Data Visualization with Web Assembly and Real-Time Reporting Abilities

React.js Development

React.js Application Development Services for building progressive and dynamic products and hybrid solutions

Serverless Development

Serverless Development Solutions and Services for Enterprises to develop auto scaling, high availability capabilities

Software Development Outsourcing

End-to-End customized Software Capabilities with Outsourced Services Consulting and Software Development Services

Real Time Big Data Analytics Solutions

Adopting Decision Driven Data Analytics Strategy helps Enterprises to enable Cloud Data Warehouse Moderization, Graph and Embedded Analytics capabilities.

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Real-Time Analytics

Using Real-Time Decision Making and Scalable Analytics strategy, firms can immediately obtain real-time visibility across the Data pipeline and improve response time.

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Data Visualization

Modernize Data Visualization strategy with solution for Interactive GPU Based Visualization, Data Visualization with Web Assembly and Real-Time Reporting Abilities.

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Big Data Analytics Services and Solutions

Leveraging Big Data Analytics abilities effectively supports organization to improve data governance, facilitate analytics on the cloud and empower decision Makers with Real-Time Solutions. 

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Enterprise Business Intelligence Consulting Solutions

End to End Services for Business Intelligence Dashboard Development, BI Implementation and BI Architecture Designing.

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Big Data Services and Solutions

Enterprise Data Strategy and Consulting solutions for Building Big Data Infrastructure Implementation Roadmap and Data Security Services

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Data Warehouse Modernization

Fully Managed Data Warehouse Migration Services, Consulting Services for Data Infrastructure Modernization, and Cloud Warehouse Capabilities

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Internet of Things Development Solutions

Enterprise integrated Internet of Things Platform Development Solutions, and Empowering Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Computing and Security Capabilities

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Data Ops

End-to-End Data Integration Management and Development Solutions for Enterprises

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