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Embracing Generative AI: Real-Time Insights for Continuous Intelligence

Our streamlined strategy for developing Neural capabilities focuses on acquiring Platform Design skills, workforce transformation, and Analytical proficiency. It begins with infrastructure assessment, including re-architecture needs, modernizing legacy systems, and crafting a digital transformation roadmap.

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The Neural Company (GenAI) Model

The future is NEURAL, and it’s already here. It’s a new paradigm, powered by technology and harnessed by people. To thrive, you must focus on outcomes that will make a difference.

Drivers of Neural Company - Generative AI

The Driving Force: Generative AI's Role as a Key Catalyst for Innovation and Transformation within The Neural Company


Cloud Expert

With the accurate cloud adoption strategy, enterprises can facilitate streamlined delivery, agility, and scalability of applications

Cloud Native Application

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure

Multi-Cloud Management


AI Expert

Enabling Human-centered AI approach for building interactive systems and enhancing customer experiences

Computer Vision

Robotic Process Automation

Natural Language Processing

AI Ethics and Governance


Data Expert

Developing a Unified Data solution for empowering effective scalability, management, and modernization of data resources


Big Data

Big Data Infrastructure

Data Governance

The Neural Company Enablers

Empowering Innovation: The Neural Company's Enablers Drive Strategic Growth Through Platform Design, Workforce Transformation, and Analytical Proficiency in Neural Development

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Human Interaction Enablers

Developing a Human-Centered Digital Transformation Strategy to improve user experience and enhance interaction capabilities. Developing Industry Analytics Capabilities with Solution offerings for NLP and Conversational Analytics, Conversational AI, Digital Experience Platform, Natural Language Processing and Digital Twin Development Services.


Modular Driven Enablers

The path to modernization involves evaluating legacy systems and mapping which modernization approach is best suited for the established infrastructure. Build a Streamlined Modernization Strategy and accelerate Digital Transformation with Application Modernization Strategy, Cloud-Native Application Development, Cloud Migration, Robotic Process Automation and DevOps Solutions.


API Driven Enablers

Building capabilities for effective management of applications and solutions for cost-effective and low latency development. End-to-End Modernization Solutions with Software Development, Serverless and Blockchain Solutions.


Platform Strategy Enables

Enabling a streamlined platform strategy helps enterprises to build and strengthen a platform-oriented culture, which further supports them to embrace emerging technology developments. Platform Strategy and Consulting, Product Engineering Services and Digital Product Consulting for Enterprises.

Values We Work On

Innovation, Collaboration, Integrity: Our core values driving transformative solutions, exceptional partnerships, and ethical practices



Building an open, reliable and diverse environment, embracing uniqueness



We are transparent, honest and do work with integrity. We take pride in our work



We are ambitious, steady and tenacity. We deliver and reach our goals



Embracing Excellence through innovation learning and agility

Generative AI Model Development Services

Generative Artificial Intelligence empowers organisations to build intelligent search-powered applications


Generative AI on Google Cloud - Vertex AI

Facilitate rapid and customizable Machine Learning model training and deployment with Vertex AI-driven solutions.

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AWS Generative AI Services - BedRock

Empower streamlined and effective end-to-end AI adoption across application and infrastructure.

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Azure Generative AI Services - OpenAI

Leverage Azure OpenAI pertained and customised AI model development solutions at scale.

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