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Driving Decision Intelligence and Intelligent Outcomes

Through data integration, we enable intelligence creation, making insights accessible for informed decision-making and intelligent outcomes

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NexaStack.ai - Fully Managed GenAI Framework

Streamline AI development and deployment with NexaStack.ai, the fully managed GenAI framework offering effortless integration and optimization capabilities

Neural Home Page_04 NexaStack.ai - Fully Managed GenAI
05 Internal Devleoper platform

Internal Developer Platform

Enhance applications through iterative updates, fostering evolution for sustained relevance and effectiveness in the long term.

06 Observability


Continuously monitor systems for peak performance, identifying and addressing issues to ensure optimal functionality.

07 Model Management

Model Management

Organize machine learning models systematically, tracking, managing, and optimizing for enhanced performance and effectiveness.

Akira AI - Generative Agent for Enterprise Data

Maximize efficiency and productivity in handling complex data tasks with Akira AI, your reliable generative agent for enterprise data solutions

Neural Home Page_08 Akira AI - Generative Agent
09 Process Automation

Process Automation

Enhance productivity and reduce errors by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.

10 Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Efficiently allocate resources, track progress, and ensure timely completion of tasks for streamlined operations.

11 Document AI

Document AI

Improve accuracy and speed in document processing, enabling faster decision-making and enhanced productivity

XenonStack.ai - Vision AI and Edge AI to Drive and manage Machine Customers

Optimize machine-driven customer management and operations with XenonStack.ai's Vision AI and Edge AI solutions at the forefront

13 Vision AI

Vision AI

Accelerates decision-making by analyzing visual data accurately, facilitating swift insights for informed strategic directions.

14 Video Inspection

Video Inspection

Streamlines operations, promptly identifying defects, conserving time and resources effectively with automated analysis.

15 Surveillance


Heightens security, instantly detecting threats, enabling proactive monitoring with real-time alerts for rapid response.

MetaSecure AI - Gen AI for Security Operations

Streamline operations, safeguard assets, and minimize risks with comprehensive solutions tailored to cybersecurity challenges and dynamic threats

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17 Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis

Identifies and neutralizes digital threats swiftly, safeguarding systems and data effectively with precise analysis.

18 Information Management

Information Management

Optimizes data utilization, enhances decision-making, and drives strategic initiatives with efficient information management solutions.

18 Information Management-1

Threat Intelligence

Proactively detects and counters cyber threats, minimizing risks and protecting assets with insightful intelligence.

ElixirData.io - Responsible AI Framework for build fairness, privacy, and safety into AI systems

Discover how AI frameworks integrate principles of equity, transparency, confidentiality, and security for ethical AI deployment

Neural Home Page_17 ElixirData.io - Responsible AI Framework
19 Governance and Compliance

Governance and Compliance

Ensures adherence to regulations, mitigates risks, and fosters accountability in AI development and deployment.

20 Interpretability


Enhances transparency, fosters trust, and enables stakeholders to understand and validate AI decisions and processes.

21 Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Protects against malicious attacks, safeguards sensitive data, and ensures the reliability and resilience of AI systems.

Unlock business value with Generative AI

Foster a culture of continuous improvement by harnessing generative AI to iterate and refine processes, driving operational excellence and sustainable growth

Secure a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with an expert in neural AI services to delve into your requirements and explore tailored solutions

Gain valuable insights and personalized guidance on leveraging neural AI technologies during a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with one of our expert consultants. Schedule your session today.