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Big Data Analytics Services and Solutions

Providing efficient analytics solutions for huge datasets with Advanced Analytics.

Big Data Analytics

Decision-Driven Data Analytics

In Big Data, the Most Important V is Value which enables enterprises to identify the Key Data. With Right Data, we able to discover deep and actionable insights and make better predictive decisions with unbiased.

Leading with Decision Driven Data Analytics, Organization have to focus on finding a Data for Purpose, Start from what is unknown and empower decision Makers.

XenonStack provides Decision Driven Data Analytics Strategy and Advanced Techniques for Decision and Business Insights for Optimization of Business Outcomes, transform Company’s Capabilities and develop a business-relevant analysis that can be used with right technology architecture and capabilities.

  • Data Discovery and Metadata Platform
  • Data Catalog and Governance Platform
  • Cloud DataWarehouse Modernization
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Graph Analytics and Knowledge Graph
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Big Data Analytics Solutions

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Real-Time and Predictive Analytics Solution

Leverage Real-Time Analytics and Monitoring Solutions for empowering Valuable Insights and large Scale Data Processing.

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IoT Analytics Solutions

IoT Analytics Platform for enabling Real-Time Data Ingestion, User behavior Analytics and Predictive Maintenance Solutions.

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Enterprise Data Analytics Strategy

Xenonstack provides enterprise strategy and consulting for Enterprises to build analytical capabilities and next generation analytics empowered applications.

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Cloud Based Analytics Solutions

Amazon Web Services. Highly scalable, complete cloud platform. Microsoft Azure. IaaS and PaaS computing for development, deployment, and management. Google Cloud Platform. Developer products and cloud technologies hosted by Google.

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Solution for AWS Big Data Analytics

Enabling Big Data Analytics Services on AWS with Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR and Amazon Kinesis.

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Solution for Google Cloud Platform

Enabling Big Data Analytics Services on Google Cloud Platform with Google Cloud Datalab and Google Data Studio

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Solution for Microsoft Azure Data Lake

Enabling Big Data Analytics Services on Azure Cloud with Azure Stream Analytics and HDInsight

Managed Analytics Service Offerings and Solutions

Benefits of Enabling Managed Analytics Services.

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