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Real-Time Analytics Services and Solutions

XenonStack Streaming Real Time Data Analytics

Drive Innovation, Improve Customer Experience and Efficiency

XenonStack provides services and solutions for Data Ingestion, processing, and analyzing streams quickly and efficiently. Streaming data from disparate sources is turned into insights immediately . Enterprise enable real-time decision making, fraud detection, personalized User Experience, and recommendations-

  • XenonStack Real Time Data Ingestion

    Ingestion and Processing

  • XenonStack IoT platform

    IoT platform

  • XenonStack Streaming Visualization

    Streaming Visualization

  • XenonStack Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

    Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

  • XenonStack Modern Architecture 

    Modern Architecture 

  • XenonStack Transformation and Modeling

    Transformation and Modeling

Uncover Intelligence hidden in Enterprise Data

XenonStack Enabling Real Time Stream Ingestion

Building Analytics Platform

Enable Real-Time Stream Ingestion, storage and processing  to drive game-changing, Enterprise level significant improvements

XenonStack Enabling Real Time Stream Ingestion Storage
XenonStack Real Time Retail Analytics Dashboard


Solutions for building a IoT Dashboard for Businesses. XenonStack prepares the data and generate operational insights

XenonStack Real Time Streaming Analytics Tools

Stream and Batch Processing Integration

Enable the streaming pipelines for reliable and consistent mission-critical applications and processes

XenonStack Big Data Analytics Platform

Big Data Analytics Platform

Solutions for enabling enterprises to Host On-Premises/Public Self Service Presto/Hive Cluster and can enable queries directly on S3/HDFS/GlusterFS.

XenonStack Real Time Streaming Data Visualization

Streaming Visualization Solutions

Streaming visualizations helps Enterprises to visualize operational performance and Perform insightful decisions immediately.

Cloud Services for accurate decision making

Run enterprise's most demanding workloads with complete visibility into your entire ecosystem

XenonStack Azure

Azure Streaming Solutions

Enable data pipelines and analyse millions of events in an instant with SignalR, Event Hubs and Azure HDInsight.

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