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Real-Time Data Analytics Services and Solutions

XenonStack Streaming Real Time Data Analytics

Streaming and Real-Time Analytics Services

XenonStack provides Analytics services and solutions for Real-time and Stream Data Ingestion, processing, and analyzing the data streams quickly and efficiently for the Internet of Things, monitoring, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance. Real-Time Big Data Analytics Services for Enterprises includes below services for enabling real-time decision making, clickstream analytics, fraud detection, personalised User Experience, and recommendations-

  • XenonStack Real Time Data Ingestion

    Real-Time Data Ingestion and Processing

  • XenonStack Batch and Real Time Analytics Pipeline

    Batch and Real-Time Analytics Pipeline

  • XenonStack Streaming Analytics Offerings

    Streaming Analytics Offerings

  • XenonStack Scalable Analytics on Cloud

    Scalable Analytics on Cloud

  • XenonStack Data Lake Management

    Data Lake Management and Implementation

  • XenonStack Data Warehousing

    Data Warehousing

Real-Time Data and Streaming Analytics Offerings

XenonStack Enabling Real Time Stream Ingestion

Building Real-Time Analytics Platform

Building Real-Time Analytics Platform for enabling Real-Time Stream Ingestion, storage and processing.

XenonStack Enabling Real Time Stream Ingestion Storage
XenonStack Real Time Retail Analytics Dashboard

Real-Time Retail Analytics Dashboard

Solutions for building Real-Time Retail Analytics Dashboard for Businesses.

XenonStack Real Time Streaming Analytics Tools

Real-Time Streaming Analytics Tools

Modern Data Integration Solutions for enabling enterprises to use Big Data Platform with Microservices Architecture using Docker and Kubernetes.

XenonStack Big Data Analytics Platform

Big Data Analytics Platform

Real-Time Analytics Solutions for enabling enterprises to Host On-Premises/Public Self Service Presto/Hive Cluster and can enable queries directly on S3/HDFS/GlusterFS.

XenonStack Real Time Streaming Data Visualization

Real-Time Streaming Data Visualization Solutions

Streaming visualizations helps Enterprises to visualize real-time operational performance and Perform insightful decisions immediately.

Real Time Analytics Cloud Services

Implementing Real Time Analytics based solutions on Cloud.

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