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Digital Transformation in Healthcare with AI Solutions

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Digital Technology Solutions in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have revolutionized the HealthCare industry, disclosing hidden insights into Clinical Decision-Making, identifying Cardiovascular abnormalities, detecting fractures, and diagnosing neuron-disorder diseases. Individual Patient Engagement and Empowerment with Fitness Tracking through IoT wearable devices, Remote Health Monitoring, Real-Time location sharing, Telemedicine services, Robotics for rehabilitation, and Physical Therapies.

  • XenonStack Medical Image

    Medical Image Analysis and Predictive Analytics

  • XenonStack Digitization Image

    Digitization and EHR Hybrid Solutions

  • XenonStack Internet of Medical Image

    Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

  • XenonStack Addiction Treatment Image

    Addiction Treatment and Precision medicine

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    Clinical Performance Management

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    Big Data in Healthcare

Predictive Analytics and Digital Imaging Solutions

Addiction Treatment Solutions

Digitization and Electronic Health Records Solutions

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

XenonStack Predictive Analytics Image
XenonStack Predictive Analytics Image

Predictive Analytics and Digital Imaging Solutions

Medical Image Analysis involves Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Radiology, Pathology, Genomics, Spans Imaging, Biomedical Imaging, Pattern Recognition, Image Acquisition, Computer-Aided Diagnosis. Predictive Analytics involves Risk Stratification, Simulation, Mapping, Real-Time Alerting, Population Health Management, Patient Screening.

  • Identify at-risk patient cohorts

  • Build preventative care capabilities

  • Identifying equipment maintenance

XenonStack Addiction Treatment Solutions Image
XenonStack Addiction Treatment Solutions Image

Addiction Treatment Solutions

Addiction Treatments involve Rehabilitation Centres, Detoxification, Maternal Addiction Treatment, Inpatient Detoxification and Rehabilitation, OutPatient Detoxification and Rehabilitation. Precision Medicine involves Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment, Genomic Data for Disease Insights, Pharmacogenetics, Utilization Management, Next Generation Sequencing.

  • Building Analytics enabled consumer health applications

  • Enable evidence-based informed decision making

  • Build Continuous health monitoring Solutions

XenonStack Digitization and Electronic Image
XenonStack Digitization and Electronic Image

Digitization and Electronic Health Records Solutions

Digitization involves Genomics, Organs-On-Chips, Wearables, Digital Trend Monitoring, Genetic Engineering, TeleMedicine, Surgical Robots, 3D BioPrinting, Social Media Sentiments for Hospital Reviews. Electronic Health Records(EHR) involves Health Information Exchange (HIE), Oncology Electronic Health Records, Practice Analytics, Clinical Regimen Support.

  • Enable Remote patient monitoring and consultation

  • Effective Asset Performance Management

  • Automate data records management

XenonStack Internet of Medical Things Image
XenonStack Internet of Medical Things Image

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The Internet of Medical Things enables Real-Time Data Care System, Clinical grade wearables, Remote patient monitoring devices, and empowering better and faster decision-making.

  • Monitoring Medical devices usage and performance.

  • Solutions to lower costs and enable better patient care

  • Empowering IoT-connected intelligent devices and Applications

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Use Cases

Solutions for Building Healthcare Analytics based Platform

There are a variety of techniques available that are expected to examine these varied kinds of data. Analyzing healthcare data will allow physicians to recognize the patterns that are still uncovered in the data. It will also help them to make a patient profile of individuals. It can estimate the likelihood of a patient to undergo a particular medical complexity shortly accurately.

23 Nov 2019

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