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Digital Transformation in Healthcare with AI and Machine Learning

Digital Healthcare Analytics Consulting Solutions.


Digital Technology Solutions in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have confiscated the Health Care industry unraveling hidden insights into Clinical Decision-Making, identifying Cardio Vascular abnormalities, detecting fractures and diagnosing neuron-disorder diseases and ensuring Fitness Tracking through IoT wearable devices, Remote Health Monitoring, Real-Time location sharing, Tele medicine services, Robotics for rehabilitation and Physical Therapies.

  • Medical Image analysis and Predictive Analytics
  • Digitization and EHR Hybrid Solutions
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  • Addiction Treatment and Precision medicine
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Healthcare Offerings

Big Data and Internet of Things Solutions for Healthcare

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Medical Image Analysis and Predictive Analytics

Medical Image Analysis involves Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Radiology, Pathology, Genomics, Spans Imaging, Biomedical Imaging, Pattern Recognition, Image Acquisition, Computer-Aided Diagnosis. Predictive Analytics involves Risk Stratification, Simulation, Mapping, Real-Time Alerting, Population Health Management, Patient Screening.

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Digitization and EHR Hybrid Solutions

Digitization involves Genomics, Organs-On-Chips, Wearables, Digital Trend Monitoring, Genetic Engineering, TeleMedicine, Surgical Robots, 3D BioPrinting, Social Media Sentiments for Hospital Reviews. Electronic Health Records(EHR) involves Health Information Exchange (HIE), Oncology Electronic Health Records, Practice Analytic, Clinical Regimen Support.

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Internet of Medical Things(IOMT)

Internet of Medical Things involves Real-Time Data Care System, Health Care Analytics, Chronic Disease Management, Medical Emergency Management, Medical Equipment, and Drug Tracking, Infants Anti-Kidnapping Management, Patient Information Management, Alarm Management, Smart Contact Lenses, Biometric Sensors.

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Addiction Treatment and Precision Medicine

Addiction Treatments involve Rehabilitation Centres, Detoxification, Maternal Addiction Treatment, Inpatient Detoxification and Rehabilitation, OutPatient Dextoxification and Rehabilitation. Precision Medicine involves Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment, Genomic Data for Disease Insights, Pharmacogenetics, Utilization Management, Next Generation Sequencing.

Digital Transformation Services

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