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IT Infrastructure Management Services

IT Infrastructure Managed Services and Consulting Solutions

Infrastructure services ensure the plans, designs & IT implementation strategies to simplify & streamline mission-critical IT infrastructure - system, storage & network policies and processes, and operations run smoothly and efficiently. Leveraging in-depth industry expertise and help clients to deliver value and extract maximum worth from their IT investments.


Infrastructure Automation

Automation-first enabled Solutions for enterprises to streamline and enhance productivity and efficiency.


Cloud Managed Services

Empowering End-to-End Intelligent Cloud Operations for building effective Cloud Management and Migration Strategy.


Infrastructure Monitoring and Optimization

Enable continuous monitoring and audit of deployed infrastructure, further aligning performance and scalability objectives.

Building IT Standardization and Operational Intelligence

Transform your organization for agility & flexibility and reduce operating costs by enabling automation and monitoring of mission-critical applications at scale.


Managed Infrastructure Services




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    Managed Security

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      Basic Monitoring

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      24 x 7 Support




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    All Standard features

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      Managed Backup Full and Daily Snapshots

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      Managed Operating System Patches and Updates, Hardening, Configuration and Tuning




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    All Standard and Pro features

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      Application Monitoring and Response CPU, RAM, Disk IO, URL, and Application metrics

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      Advanced Enterprise Analytics and Dashboard

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IT Infrastructure Solutions for Enterprise


AI Transformation for Infrastructure and Operations

Artificial Intelligence-based methods to influence the IT Infrastructure Automation and Management.


Take the measures and tools used to secure both the data and analytics methods from attacks, theft, or other malicious activities that could cause a problem or negatively affect them.

Migrate workload into Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark for scalable, secure, consistenet and reliable analytics.

Integrate data protection solutions to overcome the challenges of such attacks and secure their confidential data.

XenonStack provides enterprise architecture services and solutions for building real-time and Batch Processing Analytics platforms in a hybrid environment.

Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers

Building and Enabling Streamlined, reliable, efficient and proven cloud and digital infrastructure frameworks.


GCP Services

Enable effective auto-scaling and automated deployments with GCP.


Amazon Web Services

Build and deploy applications on cost-effective services that provide built-in application availability and flexible scaling capabilities.


Microsoft Azure Services

Simplify Infrastructure Management across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments with 24*7 Management and Solutions for streamlining Operations.

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Infrastructure Automation for Big Data and Kubernetes


Infrastructure Automation for Big Data and Kubernetes


Automating Infrastructure and Release Engineering Process

Automating Infrastructure and Release Engineering Process

Why is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure(HCI) Important?


Why is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure(HCI) Important?

Hybrid-Multi Cloud

Data Management

AI Implementation

Cyber Security

Hybrid-Multi Cloud

Enable organizations to modernize IT Infrastructure for improved developer productivity, greater efficiency, and shortened product development cycle.

Data Management

Data management is the process of ingesting, storing, organizing and maintaining the data created and collected by an organization.

Building AI-First enterprises with Data-First Approach for decision Intelligence with advanced mathematical and statistical techniques for predicting and Optimising Business Outcomes.

Cyber Security

Empowering Advanced Threat Protection and Intelligence with Real-Time Analytics and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Services.