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Human and Data-Centric Approach for Intelligent Outcomes


Build, Deploy and Run Modern Cloud Applications

An end-to-end solution for empowering enterprises to develop and deploy applications on the cloud.


Harness the power of data in data-oriented world

Building a data-driven organization involves processes to increase data literacy and to develop a culture to embrace new technology seamlessly.


Build AI enabled applications to enhance business

The path for being an AI-First organization starts from building scalable AI solutions, defining AI-driven business outcomes and building AI adoption strategy.

Technology Consulting And Strategy

The path for being an AI-First Organization starts from building Scalable AI Solutions, Defining AI drives business outcomes and building AI Adoption Strategy


Platform Strategy

Elements of Digital Platform and Strategy for achieving technological excellence and Digital Transformation success.


DataOps and Data Mesh Strategy

Enterprise DataOps Transformation with Unified Platform for all data management, and running compute on Data Platform.


Multi Cloud Strategy

Moving to a Multi-Cloud environment helps Enterprises to enable Vendor flexibility, higher scalability and availability.


Cloud Native Security

Building Cloud-Native applications for ensuring Application Resiliency, Business agility and developing maximum infrastructure flexibility and scalability.


Enterprise AI and Decision Intelligence

Build, Scale and Govern AI and Machine Learning Models at Scale and develop Enterprise AI capabilities.

Innovation Stack Approach enables enterprises to Improve the Business of Experience

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Build a Digital Platform

Digital Platform Strategy and Tailored Development Solutions for ensuring streamlined platform integration, architecture implementation and Migration.

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Cloud Native Transformation

Design and develop solutions which support Cloud-Native Capabilities, empowers business agility and accelerated cloud application implementation.

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Harness the Power of Data and Analytics

Decision Driven Data analytics strategy and Business Process Optimization for enabling data driven decision making and technology capabilities.

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Intelligent Process Automation

End-to-End automation solutions for enterprise to enhance business operations, empower digitally augmented workforce and ensure streamlined governance.

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Secure the Data and Information

Managed Intelligent and Automated Security offerings for enterprises to monitor and enhance cyber security strategy implementation.

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Manage the Cloud Infrastructure

Fully Managed Services offerings to streamline IT operations efficiency and enable cost optimized infrastructures.

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Enhancing AI and MLOps Capabilities

Empowering enterprises to develop and enable industry leading AI-driven solutions and model governance best practices. Define business outcome and lead AI Transformation.

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SRE Managed Services

End-to-End Managed Services for ensuring security and compliance, and streamlined cloud infrastructure management and monitoring

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Data Intelligence driven Solutions

Helping enterprises reinvent their business processes with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics enabled insights.

How intelligent automation with AI and Cognitive Insights transforming the businesses to become Insight-Driven organization

Use Cases

Product-mode organisations are formed with innovation stack approach and independent teams that respond rapidly to segmented and unsegmented user needs and continuous experimentation. Continuous Architecture Driven Approach towards modernization of application and data with agile principles enables organization towards data-informed decision making and business of experience.

Video Analytics Platform for Surveillance with AI

Video Analytics Engine with artificial intelligence is a platform to utilize advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence.

3 Jan 2017

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Cloud Native DevOps and Microservices on Kubernetes

If your enterprise wants to scale your capabilities and deploy cloud-native applications in kubernetes, then you must read this use case.

11 Jan 2018

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Observability for Kubernetes and Serverless

Build an observability platform for monitoring, logging, tracing and visualization of big data cluster and kubernetes with ML and Deep learning capabilities.

12 Feb 2018

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Analytics Platform for Banking and Finance Industry

In the banking and financial sectors, the customer’s primary requirements and expectations play an essential role in choosing or leaving the bank.

23 Feb 2021

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Ecommerce Analytics Platform and Solutions

An analytic platform is an integrated and proper solution configured to address the demands of users, unusually large data-driven companies.

13 May 2019

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Toolkit for Intelligent Decisioning

Real Time Interactions and decision data driven analytics to help businesses to make faster decisions for operational and customer-facing processes.




Internal Developer Platform, Release Engineering and Infrastructure Automation




Cloud SIEM and Managed SoC, AppSec with Continuous Compliance




Data Observability Application Observability, AI Observability