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Driving Data-Centric &
Intelligent Outcomes

Human and Data-Centric Approach for Intelligent Outcomes


Build Deploy and Run Modern Cloud Applications

An End-to-End Solutions for empowering enterprises to develop and deploy applications on the Cloud.


Harness the Power of Data in Data Oriented World

Building a Data-Driven Organization involves processes to increase data literacy and to develop a culture to embrace new technology seamlessly.


Build AI Enabled Applications to Enhance Business

The path for being an AI-First Organization starts from building Scalable AI Solutions, Defining AI drives business outcomes and building AI Adoption Strategy.

We Can Help You

We are Cloud Native and Platform Engineering Company Solving Complex Problems with Technology. By Aligning Strategy and Execution, We Help Clients with Cloud-Native transformation, Scale with flexibility, and creating a Digital customer experience.

Technology Consulting and Strategy

Supporting businesses build modern application Strategy, which further enhances operational efficiency and facilitates cost reductions.

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Multi Cloud Strategy

Moving to a Multi-Cloud environment helps Enterprises to enable Vendor flexibility, higher scalability and availability.

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Data Mesh and DataOps Strategy

Enterprise DataOps Transformation with Unified Platform for all data Management, and running compute on Data Platform.

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Scaling AI and MOdelOps

Build, Scale and Govern AI and Machine Learning Models at Scale and develop Enterprise AI capabilities.

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Cloud Native Security

Building Cloud-Native applications for ensuring Application Resiliency, Business agility and developing maximum infrastructure flexibility and scalability.

How Intelligent Automation with AI and Cognitive Insights transforming the businesses to Become Insight Driven Organization


Use Cases, Solution Architecture about MLOps Best Practices, DataOps Architecture, and Release Engineering Principles. In-detailed overview of Migration Cloud Architecture, developing a streamlined Enterprise Data Strategy and Machine Learning Model Operationalization.

Video Analytics Platform for Surveillance with AI

Video Analytics Engine with artificial Intelligence is a Platform to utilize Advanced Image Processing Algorithms to turn video into Actionable Intelligence.

3 Jan 2017

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Cloud Native DevOps and Microservices on Kubernetes

If your enterprise wants to scale your capabilities and deploy cloud-native applications in kubernetes, then you must read this use case.

11 Jan 2018

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Observability for Kubernetes and Serverless

Build an Observability Platform for Monitoring, Logging, Tracing and Visualization of Big Data Cluster and Kubernetes with ML and Deep learning, Data Pipeline in Real Time and receive alerts if any critical activity occurs in the cluster.

12 Feb 2018

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Analytics Platform for Banking and Finance Industry

In the banking and financial sectors, the customer’s primary requirements and expectations play an essential role in choosing or leaving the bank, consistency in services, a fully functional and long-term customer acquisition and retention program client needs.

23 Feb 2021

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Ecommerce Analytics Platform and Solutions

An analytic platform is an integrated and proper solution configured to address the demands of users, unusually large data-driven companies, on the insufficiency of relational database management systems in providing contextual analyze Data out of all the stored information.

13 May 2019

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XenonStack Principles

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Intelligence Driven Decision Making

Building Best-in-Class and Industry Leading Products and Solutions.

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Enterprise Agility

Enterprise Agility based solutions for Organizations to lead business agility transformation wave.

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Adapting Continuous Experimentation Approach helps Enterprises to innovate, enhance performance and productivity with agility.

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Intelligence Driven Decision Making

Reshaping Enterprise Decision-Making approach with AI-powered and Data driven decisions.