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XenonStack is now Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Gursimran Singh | 20 Apr 2020

XenonStack - A Certified Kubernetes Service Provider

We are proud to announce that XenonStack is now a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, Run by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in collaboration with the Linux Foundation. We are also Silver Partner of the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The CNCF encourages the development of cloud-based open-source applications by rendering technologies available to the open-source community and by promoting ecosystem development Kubernetes Certified Service Provider is a testimony to XenonStack's dedication to contributing to Kubernetes' growth. Many growing businesses come to XenonStack for solution compatibility with a Kubernetes environment, and with the status of KCSP Partner, Xenonstack now has the global recognition to back its expertise in delivering Kubernetes services.
  1. Cloud-Native Application Development Solutions
  2. Application Modernization Services
  3. Building AI Platform on Kubernetes
  4. Managed Kubernetes as a Service
  5. Building DevOps Assembly Lines and CI Pipeline

Cloud-Native Application Development Services and Solutions

Cloud-Native Application is an approach for Adopting Cloud Computing features and Capabilities for building and Deploying the Microservices applications. Enterprises Needs Platform Strategy for Application Modernization and Moving away from Legacy workloads for automating and integrating DevOps and continuous Delivery Pipelines with Microservices, Serverless, Docker and Kubernetes.

Application Modernization

Move your data and applications securely and economically on Hybrid and Multi-Cloud without any disruption to the end-user. Enable the migration of Monolithic applications to Microservices and Serverless architecture with Cloud Native Transformation including the integration of new functionality and Continuous Delivery Pipeline to create new value from an existing application. With DevOps, Enterprise Can design and Build Faster and reliable software with Shorter Release Cycles. Explore our Solutions, Application Modernization Services and Strategy

Building AI Platform on Kubernetes

Kubernetes has become a de-facto standard to manage containerized architecture on Cloud Native Scale on Cloud Native Scale. AI and Kubernetes are a match made in heaven. It is much-needed clarity for an organization to define one standard pipeline and toolkit for orchestrating containers. The goal of Kubernetes for AI is to make scalable models and deployment on production in the most natural way. Read More about

it becomes crucial to have effective monitoring of kubernetes solutions in place to ensure optimal performance and availability. Learn more at AIOps Monitoring Solutions for Kubernetes

Production Grade Kubernetes Managed Services

Completely Managed Kubernetes operations, including monitoring, deployment and optimized usage of Kubernetes in complex environments. Some of the services that we offer are Kubernetes Consulting and Advisory for Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Resource Efficiency, Managed Enterprise-Grade Cluster Security Services. Explore Our Services

DevOps Assembly Lines and Continuous Integration Pipeline

DevOps assembly lines are targeted on automating and connecting activities performed by several groups part of software development phases like continuous integration for the developer, infrastructure and configuration management for an operator, automation script for the testing team, Security-related for SecOps and last and enabling CI.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is creating a sustainable environment and building a community around a cluster of high-quality projects that orchestrate containers as part of a microservices architecture. CNCF acts as a vendor-neutral platform for many of GitHub's fastest-growing initiatives, including Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy, which promote collaboration between the industry's top developers, end-users, and vendors.CNCF has over 500 members, including the world's largest public cloud and enterprise software companies as well over a hundred innovative startups. Read More about Cloud Native Computing Foundation and The Linux Foundation