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Cloud Infrastructure Services and Solutions

XenonStack’s Cloud Computing Center of Excellence


Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions focuses on thought leadership, competencies in the domain of Cloud Computing. XenonStack Cloud Services offering includes a wide variety of Cloud Infrastructure Solutions from Private Cloud to Hybrid Cloud Solutions to High-Performance Cloud Data Centers.

  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud SaaS Services
  • Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Cloud Migration


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What we do in Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Infrastructure Management and Cloud migration solution for Enterprises

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    Cloud Assessment Services

    Cloud Consulting Services provides Cloud Assessment and Audit of your existing On-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure and recommend new Cloud Infrastructure Solutions. XenonStack Cloud Computing Assessment and Strategy will list down the points of improvement and process to migrate/optimize to Public Cloud or Build On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure using Openstack, Docker and Kubernetes.

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    Continuous Monitoring for Microservices

    XenonStack Container Services and Solutions provides end to end Docker Host Cluster deployment and Kubernetes cluster deployment. Our Docker Solutions and Kubernetes Solutions enables Real Time Monitoring for the Container Services and also enables you to deploy Microservices and Serverless Architecture. Deploy CoreOS with Kubernetes.

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    Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring and Log Analytics

    Cloud Monitoring Services and Solutions provides infrastructure, processes, applications and Hosts monitoring and alerting solutions. Next generation Cloud Monitoring Solution provides Predictive Intelli

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    Cloud Storage Solutions For Enterprise

    XenonStack Cloud Storage Solution provides Block and Object Storage Solution using SWIFT and CepH storage integrated with Amazon S3 Storage. Also Cloud Backup Services will create automated backup service for your application with your Infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions

  • Cloud Infrastructure Automation and Monitoring
  • Build your Own Cloud Infrastructure using Openstack, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • Build Microservices Architecture for Application
  • Build API and Hosting Platform as a Service with Docker and Kubernetes
  • DevOps Consulting, DevOps Assessment, and DevOps Enablement
  • Cloud Storage Solution using SWIFT, CepH
  • Hybrid Cloud Deployment Using AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

Case Studies

Use Cases For Big Data And Advanced Analytics

Get in Touch with us for Big Data Infrastructure Deployment and Big Data Infrastructure Migration, Managed Services, Monitoring and Optimization on Docker, Kubernetes, On-Premises, Hybrid, and Public Cloud. Talk to Big Data Expert/Technology Architect for Deployment and consulting for your Big Data Infrastructure. For Particular Use Cases, Discuss your application stack with Technology Architect for optimizing the Solution and Cost.

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