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Managed Hybrid Multi-Cloud Service and Solutions | Complete Guide

Gursimran Singh | 09 Nov 2022

Managed Hybrid Multi-Cloud Service and Solutions

Introduction to Managed Hybrid Multi-Cloud Service

Managed Hybrid Multi-Cloud Services brings together the power of a cloud platform with dedicated skills and deep experience to optimize and execute business processes. Every innovative company requires a concrete IT foundation in the cloud. Cloud managed services provide organizations access to teams of experts that will give you to spend your precious time growing your business and turning your data into an asset. We are vendor agnostic, that means if your data or applications are hosted on Azure or GCP or AWS or any other cloud Vendor, Be it Public, Private or Multi-Cloud we will manage it for you. 
We enable organizations to modernize IT Infrastructure and Applications to drive innovation by harnessing enterprise data. Explore Our Services, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Services

How its managed service can accelerate your business growth?

  • Gain robust backup, disaster recovery, and migration processes to ensure business continuity
  • Multi-platform and version experience
  • High agility and productivity with rapid provisioning and elastic scaling for production, test, and development environments
  • Certified Specialists resources - Flexible Resources for Team Augmentation and easy access to Certified Specialists
  • Extensive tools, best practices, and processes 
  • Streamline mapping of assets, vulnerabilities, best in class security and regulatory compliance
  • Reduced business risk through custom SLAs, driving high availability and business continuity

Our Commitment 

  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Monitoring and Response (Infrastructure)
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Architecture Design & Platform Maintenance
  • Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Security & Devops
  • SLA & Response Time
  • Resolution Time & Severity
  • Professional Services
  • Human Expertise

Our Services

managed hybrid clous services

XenonStack's Hybrid-Cloud Managed Services team offers Hybrid Multi-Cloud management for Organizations to enable end-to-end visibility into their environment, Multi-Cloud Migration and Orchestration.