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AWS IoT Consulting Services and Solutions

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AWS IoT Solutions to Accelerate Business Growth

XenonStack offers AWS IoT consulting services involving operating system deployment on microcontrollers and crafting intelligent edge and cloud applications via AWS IoT Core and Device Management. Elevating IoT device security, connectivity, monitoring, and scalable management through IoT Analytics and TwinMaker.

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    AWS IoT Greengrass

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    AWS IoT Core

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    AWS IoT Analytics

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    AWS IoT Device Defender

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    AWS IoT Device Management

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    AWS IoT Events

AWS IoT Core

Efficiently connect, administer and ensure device connections in the cloud with AWS IoT core-managed Cloud Service.

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Manage End-to-End IoT processes

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Continuously Monitor IoT configurations

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Facilitating efficient Device Administration

AWS IoT Analytics

Easily run queries on IoT data,operationalize sophisticated analytics and enable time-series analyses on IoT data with AWS IoT Analytics.

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Empowering Edge Computing

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AWS IoT Things Graph

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AWS IoT Events

AWS IoT Security Solutions

Solutions for continuously monitoring security metrics, IoT configurations and identifying irregularities in device behaviour.

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Multi-layered security

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IoT Edge security

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AWS IoT Device Management

Building AI based Applications and Solutions on AWS

Explore more about Xenonstack AWS Machine Learning Competency 

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Build and Develop Industry leading Digital Transformation Solutions

XenonStack, an IoT consultancy, collaborates with top technology and platform services providers to create cutting-edge scalable solutions. We empower businesses with end-to-end enterprise transformation through advanced technology capabilities and strategic expertise.

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