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Managed SIEM and SOC as a Service

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Cloud-Native based SIEM Solutions and Consulting Services

Cloud based SIEM solutions for enabling enhanced visibility to seamlessly monitor applications, and Automation empowered Cloud-Native Architecture environments.

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    Cyber Analytics Solutions

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    Monitoring Solutions

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    Real-Time Alerting

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    Self-Service Capabilities

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    Security Operations

Cloud Security Solutions

Automate, and secure your native security environments, and enable Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Design Security.

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Cyber Security

Managed Detection and Response Services for enterprises to perform actionable analysis and analyze performance with continuous improvement metrics.

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Automated Security Operations with DevSecOps

Identify and Minimize vulnerabilities in the early stages of the software development lifecycle.

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24x7 Monitoring and Support Services

Threat Intelligence-driven services and Network monitoring enabled Solutions.

Modernize Security Solutions with Cloud SIEM

Real-Time Intelligence

Helping Enterprises Enable Monitoring intelligence and Real-time alerting Capabilities.

Security Dashboards

Enabling Automated Dashboards for visualization of defined metrics and key indicators.

Enhance Threat Detection

Build and Empower Log monitoring capabilities to investigate attacks and anomalies.

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Compliance and Governance

Comply with the regulatory requirements of GDPR, PCI and SOC 2.

Automate Infrastructure Security

Protect and Scale your workloads with almost no administration capbilites.

Logging and Monitoring

Enable Centalized logging and Analytics of Deployed Logs.

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Exclusive Partners

We are partnering with leading Technology Solution Enterprises and Cloud Services Providers for building next generation scalable products, digital transformation capabilities and industry leading technology stack. Empowering Enterprises to build Cloud Native Applications, develop Digital Platform Strategy and Intelligent Automation.

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