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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cyber Security

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security.

AI Solutions

AI Based Services for Cyber Security

Service offerings for Enabling AI driven Cyber Security for Security Intelligence, Operations and Analytics Solutions

  • Digital Risk Management.
  • Identity and Access Management.
  • End Point Detection and Response.
  • Cloud Access Security Brokers.
  • Spam Prevention and Phishing Blocking.
  • Statistical Methodology.
  • Malware Detection.
  • Behavioural Analysis.
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Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security Service Offerings

Cyber Threat Analysis and Model Security Solutions for Enterprises .

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Threat and Vulnerability

Security Analytics to understand and detect risk level of vulnerabilities. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Depp Learning techniques to reduce human error. Identify security breaches and eliminate obstructions.

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System Security

It involves Network Security, Cloud Security, IoT Security, Malware and Autonomous Security. Operational Management and elimination of security issues, understand risks and threats to internal system.

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Data and Application Security

It includes analysing advanced threatening behaviour, evolve internal architecture to scan system deficiencies. Data and Application Security involves Security Analytics, Threat Prediction, Spam Detection and Data Privacy.

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Cognitive AI Driven Solutions for Cyber Security

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Anomaly, Intrusion, Incident Detection
  • Intrusion Response
  • Statistical Methodology
  • Malware and Spam Detection
  • Data Privacy, Risk and Decision Making
  • Threat Monitoring

Benefits of Enabling AI in Cyber Security

Integrating artificial intelligence into your security policy.