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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cyber Security

XenonStack Smarter Cyber Security Solutions

Enabling AI-powered Smarter Cybersecurity Solutions

Service offerings for Enabling AI driven Cyber Security for Security Intelligence, Operations and Analytics, Malware Detection and Vulnerability management Solutions-

  • XenonStack Digital Risk Management

    Digital Risk Management

  • XenonStack Identity and Access Management

    Identity and Access Management

  • XenonStack Endpoint Detection

    Endpoint Detection and Response

  • XenonStack Cloud Access Security Brokers

    Cloud Access Security Brokers

  • XenonStack Spam Prevention

    Spam Prevention and Phishing Blocking

  • XenonStack Behavioural Analysis

    Behavioural Analysis

Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security Service Offerings

Cyber Threat Analysis and Model Security Solutions for Enterprises

Threat and Vulnerability

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Security Analytics to understand and detect risk level of vulnerabilities. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning techniques to reduce human error. Identify security breaches and eliminate obstructions.

System and Network Security

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It involves Network Security, Cloud Security, IoT Security, Malware, and Autonomous Security. Operational Management and elimination of security issues, understand risks and threats to the internal system.

Data and Application Security

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It includes analyzing advanced threatening behavior, evolving internal architecture to scan system deficiencies. Data and Application Security involves Security Analytics, Threat Prediction, Spam Detection, and Data Privacy.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cyber Security

Benefits of Enabling AI in Cyber Security

XenonStack Performance Clustering

Performance Clustering

It involves removing unnecessary data, Feature Extraction and Selection, Data Cutoff, Parallel Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms, Result Polling, and Optimised Notification.

XenonStack Network Security

Network Security and Accuracy

It involves Alert Correlation, Signature-Based Anomaly Detection, Attack Detection Algorithm, and Multiple Detection Methods, Algorithm Selection.

XenonStack Scalability

Scalability - Intelligent Orchestration

It involves Dropped Netflow Detection, Dynamic Load Balancing, and MapReduce. Netflow Detection involving Netflow Sequence Monitoring, Netflow Collection, Netflow Storage and Data Analysis, generating warning messages.

XenonStack Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management and Security

It involves Source Data Transformation comprising User Activity, Application Activity, DataBase Activity, Network Activity, Distributed Data Storage, Public Key Infrastructure, and Encryption.

XenonStack Alert Ranking

Alert Ranking - Security Intelligence

The pre-processed security event data forwarded to the Data Analysis module, which analyses the data for detecting Cyber attacks. The analysis results (i.e., alerts) are sent to the alert ranking component, ranking the signals based on a predefined criterion.

XenonStack Reliability and Usability

Reliability and Usability

It involves Data Ingestion Monitoring, Maintenance of Multiple Copies, Dropped Netflow Detection, and Alert Ranking.

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