ML models for Cyber Security in Industry

Why is AI in Cyber Security Industry Necessary?

In the Cyber Security sector, customers want to get information about phishing attacks and complaints. Customers also want to know about predicting the threats in a class and total complaints along with phishing attacks. Today’s customer wants to get detailed insights about the sectors with the most number of attacks, their cost, yearly analysis of security incidents. Model of AI in Cyber Security Industry helps them predict customer satisfaction status with the cybersecurity industry.

AI and cybersecurity measures offer unique opportunities, insights, and speed that have never been seen before.

Source: AI And It’s Potential For Cybersecurity

Solution for Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

  • With Xenonstack Support, one can build accurate and predictive models on real-time data to better understand the customer to know about the complaints and attacks in all the classes.
  • As a result, we have given a demo of the dashboards for reference; you will be confident after getting the result of the open and close tickets of the attacks and phishing attacks after applying the AI-based model.
  • Users can quickly get the status of all the cybersecurity information. As for the result, our organization’s historical data helps the user get an idea for attacks.

Why Xenonstack?

Click on a button and request us to give you the demo of our machine learning prediction model. Here you will get the insights related to threats, phishing attacks, and complaints of the users and check the model’s status. Our model will provide you an accurate prediction of the user’s attacks and protests. For narrative addition threats and attack status.


Cyber Security AI dashboard

Dashboard for Cyber Security Analytics

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