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Solutions for Building Intelligent Enterprise Automation Platform

Intelligent Enterprise Consulting Services.

Intelligent Enterprise

Guide to Become an Intelligent Enterprise

The process of becoming an Intelligent Enterprise starts from following the data and insight driven approach. The primary goal of any connected enterprise is to adopt the latest technology and also parallelly remove old and obsolete technologies from their stack. The core fundamentals behind building intelligent products are –

  • Be Business Process Effective
  • Support Business Model
  • Faster adaptation to New Technologies
  • Customer Centric
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Intelligent Enterprise Components

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital part in digital twins foundation.The working architecture includes two Components -

Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics uses Business Intelligence analytics capabilities for Accelerated development, Faster Insights, and Reduced operating costs.


Enabling Intelligent Automation is a crucial step to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. Automation helps firms to increase Performance, Reductions in systems operations and Increment in production.

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Intelligent Enterprise Components

  • Embedded Analytics
  • Automation
  • AI and IoT
  • Edge Analytics
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Edge Analytics

Edge Analytics involves the concept of collecting and processing the data at the edge of the network with the help of IoT. The main purpose of enabling Edge Analytics is to get faster and accurate insights from the computed data.

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Features of Edge Analytics -

  • Reduce Latency of Data Analytics.
  • Greater Scalability of Analytics.
  • Reduce Expenses by Minimizing Bandwidth
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AI and IoT

AI and IoT can be used to implement the concept of predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance combines the power IoT and Artificial Intelligence, and this process involves harnessing the power of AI to predict disasters and IoT for collecting real-time data via sensors.

At an Advanced level, we can enable IoT and AI for getting an autonomous response which can be operated with continuous data feeds.

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Stages for AI and IoT adoption -

  • Autonomous Intelligence
  • Augmented Intelligence
  • Assisted Intelligence

Intelligent Enterprise Architecture

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Intelligent Enterprise Benefits

Automation Data Integration and Processing Process, Predicting Business Outcomes.

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Intelligent Platform

The roadmap for building intelligent enterprise starts with making an intelligent platform that creates, deploys and scales applications.

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Intelligent Applications

Building integration ready extensible applications which increases productivity and efficiency of the enterprise.

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Intelligent Technologies

Enabling and Adapting Digital Transformation with technologies such as RPA, IoT, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Industry Leading AI, Big Data and Cloud Solutions

We Assist Our Clients Across Six Core Pillars

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Cloud Platform Engineering

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Enterprise DevOps Transformation

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DevSecOps and Cloud Security

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Cloud Native Software Development

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Data Platforms and Advanced Analytics

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Managed Cloud Services