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Cloud Security Solutions with DevSecOps

Managed Cyber Security Solutions and Strategy Consulting for Enterprise.


Cloud Security with DevOps

XenonStack offers Cloud Security, Managed Security Services, Risk and Compliance Management, and Real-Time Monitoring Solutions. Managing Cloud Data Security with Multi-Layered Security Framework and Automated DevSecOps Security Pipeline. We offer Strategic DevSecops Consulting Services for –

  • Cloud Security Strategy
  • DevSecops Security Assessment
  • Identity and Risk Assessment
  • Implementing DevOps with Security
  • IT Infrastructure Security
  • Continuous Security Solutions
  • Security Monitoring Services
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What we do in DevSecOps and Cloud Security

Cyber Security Consulting Services for IT Companies

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    Cloud Security Strategy

    End to End Cloud Infrastructure Security and Management Services, Cloud Encryption and Cloud Strategy Solutions.Managed Cloud Services for Building Secure, Fast and Scalable Environment.

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    Fraud Assessment

    Fraud Assessment Services for Application and Identity Fraud with Real-Time Monitoring and Filtering.Fraud Prediction and Risk Management Consulting Solutions

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    Continuous Security Solutions

    Continuous Security Monitoring Solutions with Real-Time Threat Detection, Behavioural Monitoring, Risk Analytics, and Vulnerability Intelligence

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Managed Cloud Security

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions for Multi-Cloud Infrastructure, 24 *7 Application Security and Monitoring Solutions and Cloud Security Assessment.

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Security Service Offerings

Enterprise Security Solutions for Advanced Threat Protection, Network Security, Strategic Risk Management and Internet of Things Security

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Threat Detection and Response

Managed Service offerings for defining Endpoints, Security Monitoring, Response Orchestration, and Security Analysis.

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Internet of Things Security

Services for Building Secure IoT Platform with network traffic analysis, protecting Internet of Things Devices from Cyber Attacks and IoT Penetration Testing.

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Cyber Security Consulting

Security Management Consulting Services for Infrastructure, Security Design Architecture and Vulnerability Management.

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Cyber Analytics Solutions

Enabling Cyber Analytics for different users with Trend Analysis, User Behavioral analysis (UBA), Entity Behavioral Analysis (EBA).

Cloud Security Service Offerings

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Kubernetes Security

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AWS Cloud Security

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Azure Cloud Security

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Google Cloud Security

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Docker Security

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Cyber Security