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Cloud Native Security Services and Solutions


Get Cloud-Native Applications Secured at Earliest

Stay on top of security by enabling near real-time visibility into the organization’s security posture while continuously monitoring for new vulnerabilities and advanced threats.


Secure the Pipeline

Enhance deployment and agility of cloud-native applications with left shift security by automating security checks during the build, test, and deploy phases.

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Infrastructure Security

Build security across infrastructure and platform with multi-layered approach expanding assessment and protection across cloud, OS, and containers.


Application Security

Secure cloud-native applications by detecting, analyzing and remediating vulnerabilities.

End-To-End Cloud-Native Security Solutions


Secure 4C's of Cloud-Native Security

Enterprises adopts defence-in-depth security strategy by securing multiple layers across cloud, cluster, container, and code using security controls and establishing security barriers to provide multilayered protection of resources.



A 6-level journey to ensure protection of your critical assets. This journey will ensure that you have a proper process in place to address the vulnerabilities. threat analysis is an integral part of this process.



Scan your container images for vulnerability during build phase, monitor running containers for violations, regularly check container dependencies and code base for new vulnerabilities to ensure that your services are running securely.



Cluster security includes securing the non-configurable components of the cluster as well as securing the components/workloads running within the cluster. Data encryption, control over resources, cluster hardening, limiting cluster access, and limiting access between resources are essential to prevent attacks and breaches.



Cloud is considered as a trusted base resource for running a cluster. If this base resource is itself vulnerable or configured with pre-existing vulnerabilities, then there remains no control over security. Securing workloads in different cloud environments have different recommendations and best practices depending upon the cloud provider.

Cloud-Native Security for Enterprise


Protection from Threats and Malwares

Advanced persistent threats and malware attacks are increasing rapidly. Metasecure’s streamlined in-depth security assessment approach will help you strengthen security and privacy. Audit infrastructure, clusters, and containers; maximize autonomous security checks; and enhance runtime protection.


Continuous Security

Assign authority, maximize autonomy and enhance compliance. Metasecure’s streamlined approach for fine-grained permissions will help you strengthen security and privacy


Prevents Security Drifts at Scale

It becomes quite strenuous for an organization to implement and maintain security over time while keeping up the pace with the production deployment priorities. Metasecure makes it easy to use different automation security modules that can be easily integrated with your existing continuous delivery pipeline and managed resources.


Cloud Security Assessment

Analyze the cloud infrastructure to ensure the organization is protected from a variety of security risks and threats.