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Empowering Knowledge Graph Best Practices

Develop robust, scalable Enterprise Knowledge Graphs and establish data transparency across all organization domains. Use pre-built and customizable knowledge Graph Solution Frameworks with proven code, models, and ontologies and organize siloed information into organizational knowledge, which involves consolidating, standardizing, and reconciling data efficiently and effectively.

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    Natural Language Processing

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    Text Analytics Solutions

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    Graph Analytics Capabilities

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    Intelligent Automation

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    Artificial Intelligence powered Edge Solutions

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    Intelligent Search

Knowledge Graphs in Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing Services for Enterprises to leverage the ability to analyze text for performing Sentiment Analysis and optimized Information Extraction.

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Text Analytics Solutions

Text Analytics is the approach of converting unstructured text data into meaningful data for analysis and estimating customer views, product evaluations, and feedback.

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Graph Analytics

A knowledge graph utilized for analytics operates on ensuring informed predictions and decisions.

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Intelligence Governance

Analyze graphs and detect potentially vulnerable patterns symbolic of business opportunities.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Services

Linguistic Analysis of Text

Linguistic Analysis is used for information extraction in which rules are defined to annotate our text data. It includes various annotations like Person, Organization, Location, Company, etc., which are used to extract essential features from text data.

Document Data Extraction

Using graph analytics and document extraction tools to enhance data structuring and integrate big data processing pipelines.

Cluster Management

Graph analytics-enabled abilities assist businesses to spot forgeries and unlawful movements, further strengthening governance.

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Enhancing Productivity

With Analytics capability, companies can boost productivity and build recommendations while assuring the application performance isn't compromised.

Continuous and Automated Security and Compliance

Enable continuous compliance checks and Real-time data monitoring abilities for enterprises.

Automated Operations

Enabling end-to-end managed automated delivery pipelines and data structuring capabilities.

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Exclusive Partners

We are partnering with leading Technology Solution Enterprises and Cloud Services Providers for building next generation scalable products, digital transformation capabilities and industry leading technology stack. Empowering Enterprises to build Cloud Native Applications, develop Digital Platform Strategy and Intelligent Automation.

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