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Stacklabs Training Academy

Our comprehensive portfolio of offerings encourages Individuals to their skills current and a solid foundation in product knowledge. Expertise driven programs tailored for Targeted Training and accelerated professional development Approach. Explore Our Training Programs

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    Big Data Analytics and IoT

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    Cloud Native Applications

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    AI and Data Science

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    Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

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    Platform Strategy

Program Features and Benefits

Enhance your credibility and expedite professional development.

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Cloud Enabled Labs

With Cloud-Enabled labs, Individuals can learn anywhere, anytime, and at their own particular pace. The labs are based on the Self-Service platform, which helps to schedule and provision lab environments instantly.

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Industry Aligned Faculty

Connect with Industry Experienced Experts for gaining practical exposure and work on Real-Time problems and Projects.

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Empowering individuals for developing Innovative and Next-generation products, and supporting Enterprises to accomplish Workforce Transformation.



Best Practises and Tools

Engineering Empathy



The Fundamentals of Training involves a strong foundation that is built on Design Thinking, Analytics for how to solve the problem, for catalyzing a long and productive career.

  • Build and Develop Industry ready Approach

  • Implement next-generation problem solving strategy

  • Understand technology related advancements



Industry Integrated Program centered on a knowledge-driven, task-based curriculum for Applicants to get familiar with Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Science, and Internet of Things Technologies.

  • Develop cutting edge Applications

  • Work on Solution-design based technologies

  • Implement next generation Scalability issues


Best Practises and Tools

Adopting the Best Practices and Tools for developing innovative solutions and identifying the next generation techniques to solve problems.

  • Implement Best Practices for development of Products/ Applications

  • Develop Agile and Elastic Solutions with leading Tools

  • Enable Industry integrated Best Practices


Engineering Empathy

The ability to experience empathy, understand other's beliefs, adopting a beginner's mindset, and enthusiasm to internalize the feedback are few best practices relevant to individuals who are looking forward to accommodating effective Professional Skills.

  • Business Processes Alignment through Engineering Approach

  • Build Design Thinking Approach

  • Human Centered Design Capabilities

Discover Our Trainings

Specialized Customized Service to Tailor your Business Needs

Big Data Analytics and IoT

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Hadoop Administration, Data Engineering Skills, Big Data Integration, Processing Distributed Data with Apache Spark.

Cloud Native Applications

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Training Programs for Cloud Native Architecture Development, OpenStack Administration and Solutions on AWS, GCP and Azure.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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Building AI driven products with Natural Language Processing, Data Science in Production and Machine Learning Solutions.


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Training Programs for Enabling DevOps on Cloud, Configuration Management, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

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Training Programs for IoT Device Design Development, IoT Security Solutions and IoT Analytics Services.

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