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Computer Vision Services and Solutions

Drive Business Intelligence with Computer Vision

Computer Vision-based solutions for enterprises to perform real-time analysis on videos, images as they are streamed.

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Improving Customer Experience and Quality Assurance

XenonStack provides text-image analytics solutions for enabling enterprises to derive actionable insights from images, videos and to increase business efficiency.

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Optimising and Developing new era of Retail

End-to-End analytics strategy for enabling behavior detection, zone management, and tracking.

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Video Surveillance

Security solutions for detecting anomalies, adhering to governance policies, and responsible AI best practices.

Computer Vision on the Edge

Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision-based applications on Edge Cloud and extracting actionable insights from images and videos in Real-Time. Helping Enterprises to develop Spatial Analysis and Visual Analytics processing capabilities.

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Explore Computer Vision Service Offerings

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Image Analytics Solutions

Image analytics solution offerings for revealing relevant insights by accurately recognizing objects in images and videos. Image classification and processing services for building in-depth analysis by placing image objects into appropriate segments.

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Explore Image and Video Analytics Solutions

Real-Time Face Recognition and Authentication low latency Solutions for Enterprises

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Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis Solutions

The process of Text Analytics involves Identification of text, Sentence Tokenization and extracting hidden information inside text data through pattern recognition.

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Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions

Fully Managed Video Analytics Solutions for Object, Scene, and Activity Detection, Facial Recognition, and Gesture Recognition

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Solution Offerings for Face Detection and Object Recognition

Building Artificial Intelligence-based Face Recognizer for Automatically generating a log of personalities in a picture which can be utilized for legal inquiries and presenting real-time signals upon recognizing uncommon faces in the scene.

Leading Computer Vision Solution Offerings

Computer Vision based services for Enterprises to enable Face recognition/ detection, Video analytics and Image processing Solutions.

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AWS Computer Vision Solutions

Facilitate more useful results from your video and image with automated Image and Video Analysis solutions with Amazon Recognition.

How to build Industry-leading Image and Video Analytics?

Monitoring Workplaces with Video Surveillance Dashboard

Custom-built Computer Vision for Enhancing Business Process Efficiency

Helping Enterprises develop Cloud Native and AI-First Capabilities - Enabling Video Intelligence and Image Analytics Solutions

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Enterprise Technology

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Banking and Finance Sector

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Key Enablers

Enablers for Accelerating Digital Transformation

XenonStack Big data Engineering

Big Data Engineering

XenonStack Data Science

Data Science

XenonStack DevOps


XenonStack Enterprise AI

Enterprise AI

XenonStack Serverless

Data Visualization

XenonStack Data Visualization



Here are our Recommendations...

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Introduction DevOps and AIOps While orchestration and monitoring play key roles in DevOps, the emerging practice of using artificial intelligence (AI) to support and automate operational roles by...

What is an API? The API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is an application interface that allows two applications to communicate. In other words, an API is a messenger that brings...

What is an API? The API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is a software interface that allows two applications to communicate. In other words, an API is a messenger that brings...

Introduction to Full-Stack Observability Digital transformationis taking place at historical levels, and professionals are working twice as hard to apply new inventions that were previously...

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What is SOLID in TS/JS? A few terms to keep in mind before starting SOLID are the principle of least knowledge, coupling, and cohesion.

What is Error Handling? The response and recovery methods from erroneous situations contained in a software application are error handling. It's the process of anticipating, identifying, and...

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Introduction to Google Cloud Platform Serverless Computing Google Cloud Serverless computing makes scalability of the server to infinity, i.e., there will be no load management, it has to run...

Introduction to Golang Golang is a new language and thanks to Golang community, it has grown rapidly since the release of GO 1.0. yet, keeping its most fundamental principle of simplicity intact....

What is a Continuous Delivery Platform? NexaStack is a Continuous Delivery Platform to Automate, Monitor, Analyse your Cloud-Native Application Delivery. NexaStack Continuous Delivery Platform...

What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration engine and also an abstraction layer for managing full-stack operations of hosts and containers. From deployment, Scaling,...

Overview of Event-Driven Architecture Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) is a model or an architectural paradigm for software that supports the production, detection, consumption of, and reaction to...

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Introduction to Adaptive Security Adaptive Security is a real-time security model or approach that continuously investigates behaviors and events to protect against the threat and adapt to the...

What is Azure Sentinel? Azure Sentinel is a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) system in Microsoft's public cloud platform....

Introduction 2020 will be remembered as the most difficult, significant, and eventful year of their lives for many people. Then came the year 2021. When we thought the worst was over, the second...

What is Technology SuperStar? Everyone wants to be a superstar, be it acting, dancing, coding, marketing, or from whatever field they are. But, in XenonStack Glassdoor , Best Place to Work , we...

How the 2020 Calendar Started? The 2020 Calendar of XenonStack kicked off with a basket of achievements. We became “ Silver Member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation,” “ Silver Member of The...

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Digital Transformation Enablers

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Find out more about levaraging the true potential of AI

Helping Enterprises develop Cloud Native and AI-First Capabilities

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Computer Vision Insights and Use Cases

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Complete Guide

XenonStack AI Cyber Security Services Image

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Complete Guide

XenonStack Enterprise AI Platform Solutions Image

Building Enterprise AI Platform

Building Enterprise AI Platform

Artificial Intelligence for Infrastructure Management and Automation

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Artificial Intelligence for Infrastructure Management and Automation

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Understand how computer vision and edge capabilities helps to optimize operations and enable cost-effectively solutions.

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Video Analytics

Edge Computing

Machine Learning

Discover more about how building an effective ML Pipeline helps enterprises to increase the Scalability and flexibility of the entire infrastructure.

Natural Language Processing

A Detailed walkthrough to What is Natural Language Processing, and processes in Natural Language Processing.

Video Analytics

Enabling Real-Time Alerting, Automated Video Monitoring with Distributed Intelligence Solutions.

Edge Computing

Overview of Edge Computing, and Complete guide to enabling Edge-to-Cloud Solutions.