Monitor workplace with Video Surveillance Dashboard

Why is a Video Surveillance Dashboard necessary?

Most workplaces remain open 24*7 to serve their customers anytime and provide them value. Therefore employees and visitors always visit there, some for their daily work and some for interviews and consulting. It makes that environment busy, chaotic, un-enjoyable, and unsafe because it may be possible that an unknown person visits with wrong intentions. They can harm the infrastructure as well as the person. Therefore Video surveillance is necessary.

One of the organizations’ major challenges is to identify, track and detect those anomalies and persons. Some other challenges of the workplace are:

  • Identification: Organizations cannot identify known or unknown people as a lot of people visit the workplace.
  • Paperwork: A lot of paperwork is required to handle their entry record.
  • No Anomaly Detection: Organizations are not able to detect any anomaly at workplaces
  • No Historical Tracking: Organizations cannot track or map if a person is visiting again and again.

Solution for Video Surveillance Dashboard

To solve these problems, the team came up with a solution to make workplaces productive and safe using AI and video analytics. The system detects a person; based on appearance. It recognizes the visitors or regular employees. Then accordingly, monitor access management, behavior analysis, anomaly detection, and alert to make the system more reliable. It analyzes crowd and presence management using self-learning analytics. Besides, it monitors suspicious activities and sends an alert to the respective authorities for the actions if encountered. Thus the system will monitor the whole process using video analytics.

Why Xenonstack?

Click on a button and request us to give you the demo of our machine learning model for the video surveillance dashboard. Here you will get insights related to person authorization, behavior analysis, anomaly detection, and many more services. As for this, you can see the demo dashboards; from there, you will get the results that are generated from our machine learning model. Our model will provide you an accurate solution for computer vision.

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