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Serverless Development and Data Engineering Services

XenonStack Serverless Solutions

Scale Cloud-Native Applications with Serverless Solutions

XenonStack has been helping enterprises scale their cloud infrastructure with scalable application architecture which has built-in high availability, fault tolerance, pay-per-use capabilities.

  • XenonStack Kubernetes Auto Scaling

    Kubernetes enabled Auto-Scaling Solutions

  • XenonStack Building High Availability

    Building High-availability Applications

  • XenonStack DevOps Solutions

    DevOps Solutions

  • XenonStack Cloud Native Application

    Cloud Native Application Development

  • XenonStack Data Processing

    Data Processing and Integration

  • XenonStack API Development

    API Development and Microservices

Building Serverless Platform and Architecture

XenonStack Kubernetes Solutions

Kubernetes Solutions

Completely managed Kubernetes solutions for enabling automated provisioning of cluster and scalability capabilities.

XenonStack Kubernetes Solution Strategy
XenonStack Cloud Native Application

Cloud Native Application Development

Develop and refactor cloud applications with fully managed infrastructure and no administration.

XenonStack Application Development

Application Development and Integration

Implementing streamlined application migration, modernization and integration capabilities.

XenonStack Serverless Real-time

Serverless Real-Time Data Processing

Serverless based Real-Time Data Processing Applications which has on-demand scalability.

XenonStack Data Processing

Data Processing and Integration

Empowering Serverless Data Processing and Stream Processing capabilities for Enterprises.

XenonStack Serverless Applications

How to effectively build Serverless Applications?

Developing Next-generation Cloud Infrastructure and Products

Building efficient and Scalable solutions with Serverless frameworks and best practices.

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