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Creating Culture of Compliance


Secure Components and Enforce Compliance at scale

Managed services to help enterprise to enhance and protect business by implementing the threat awareness culture and compliance monitoring plan which continually assesses organization's compliance activities in near real-time ensuring continuous compliance.


Controls and Policy Library

Corporate Responsibility

IT Controls Self-Assessment

IT Asset Repository

Risk Management


Compliance Dashboard and Reporting

Policy Distribution and Response

Corporate Responsibility

Holistic Approach to Compliance Management

Auditing Compliance Requirements

Continously monitor and audit infrastructure and applications to ensure enterprise is meeting the regulatory standards.

Change Management

Lower the cost of compliance implementation and promote the culture of compliance by prioritizing risk assosciated with change management.

Automate Compliance Reporting

Improve the efficiency of compliance management by automating rules, controls and policies assessments, report generation, and alerts.


Real-time Alerts

Decrease business risk and enhance decision making through a unified and near real-time view of the organization's compliance status by capturing alerts and mapping them.

Keeping the Records of all the Activities

Identify and document the gaps and drifts, mark issues for remediation, and track them to closure.

Training Employees on Compliance Requirements

Circulate self-assessments questionnaire, implement checks and validations based on compliance reuiqrements and manage their execution across the organization.

Managing Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management

Effective GRC implementation helps the organization to reduce risk and improve control effectiveness.


Cloud Security Assessment

Evaluate your organization's cloud infrastructure to ensure the organization is protected from a variety of security risks and threats.