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Cost Optimisation | IDP


Maximize Business Value

Improve your work model to enhance business productivity, revenue, and make the most out of your data.

Cost Visibility Model

Establishing a cost Visibility model for Enhanced visibility into your utilization data and cost-per-service metrics.

Improve Scalability

Optimize and prioritize tasks to ensure the most efficient use of all available business resources with minimal conversion costs.


Cost Optimization

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Monitor and analyze bills for the infrastructure running on the multi-cloud platform and set a budget for your team.

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Reduce cloud spend by finding unused and mismanaged resources.

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Provides the monthly billing reports for your multi-cloud infrastructure.

Cost Estimation


Forecast the cost for the resources you’re planning to deploy on the public as well as on the private cloud.


Easily compare the cost of Public cloud with that of an On-premise server.


Early cost estimation will prevent organizations from any unwanted disaster in the future.

Cloud Governance

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Manage risk and vulnerability in your cloud infrastructure by applying standard governance policies.

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Enforce policies for cost control in your multi-cloud infrastructure.

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Identity management of the users in multi-cloud platforms.


Enterprise Cloud Native Maturity Assessment

Jump-start your enterprise’s cloud migration journey and harness the cloud’s most powerful advantage. This Assessment analyses your current organization status and creates a personalized roadmap for effective cloud migration.