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Cloud Native Maturity Assessment


Why Cloud-Native Assessment?

Cloud-Native applications make the most out of cloud capabilities. Being Cloud-Native is more than just technology; it's about implementing best practices, organizational culture, etc. This Cloud-Native Assessment tells where you stand and improvement initiatives through Strategic Roadmap that needs to be adopted to become a fully Cloud-Native Organization.

What are Cloud-Native Assessment's Objectives?


Examine your current organizational status and use it to create your own custom roadmap for effective Cloud Migration.


Evaluates your organization's Cloud Readiness, both technical and human-centered assets.


Empower organizations to harness flexibility and on-demand Cloud-Native infrastructure.

What is Cloud-Native Assessment measuring?


Culture and Collaboration

How do people and teams in your organization communicate and collaborate? How does work get planned and executed?


Product/Service Design

How do new products/services get designed? How are improvements in existing products made?


Technology Stack

What is the overall structure of your technology and systems?


Delivery Pipeline

How does your organization deploy software and run it in production?

How can Xenonstack help?

We help to create a custom roadmap based on the assessment for effective Cloud Migration. XenonStack makes the journey of Cloud-Native automation achievableby reducing the time spent on operational tasks, such as managing Kubernetes clusters and multiple IaC tools in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.