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Challenges and Solutions for Platform-as-a-Service

Navdeep Singh Gill | 12 Apr 2021


XenonStack helped XtendLabs to build an Emerging Technology Platform-as-a-Service ( PaaS). On-Demand access to compute and storage infrastructure for Hadoop, NoSQL, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and Blockchain applications.

What are the Challenges of Platform-as-a-Service?

The challenges of Platform-as-a-Service that XtendLabs Faced are below.
  • Choosing the best provider with minimal cost of the Infrastructure.
  • Best Storage for customer data.
  • Availability of the services 24*7.
  • Use technologies for the development and deployment of the software.
  • Compute, and Storage is a challenge for Big-data and virtualization tools.
  • An interactive frontend for the deployed tools where it can be accessed.

What are the Solutions that XenonStack offered?

XenonStack offers a solution of Platform-as-a-Service to XtendLabs for the software deployments with High Availability and accessibility with minimal Infrastructure running cost and storage of the customer's data using AWS Services. Deployment of software is done using Helm, and software is deployed on Kubernetes Infrastructure. Amazon EC2 and S3 services are beneficial for computing and storage.

Technology Architecture

The technology architecture of Platform-as-a-Service
  • Kubernetes - Kubernetes is for automation of application deployment, scaling, and management.
  • Amazon S3 - For storage
  • Helm - Tool for managing kubernetes applications.
  • Amazon EC2 - For Virtual servers
  • Amazon SNS - For Email service


After XenonStack has given solutions of Platform-as-a-Service to XtendLabs, XtendLabs have solutions for the customers, and these solutions are:
  • Individual Solutions.
  • Enterprise Solutions.
  • Academic Institution Solutions.

Advantages of Platform-as-a-Service

Individual Solutions

Software development jobs are expanding quickly, but new developers need affordable solutions to become proficient with emerging software technology platforms to gain the skills necessary for those jobs. The problem is that it takes an inordinate amount of time to install and configure software technology platforms to get started. XtendLabs allows individuals to immediately access affordable online software platforms to get the experience they need to become proficient with new software technologies.

Enterprise Solutions

Xtendlabs allows you to develop and evaluate the software with proofs-of-concept faster and at a much lower cost. Significantly reducing software projects’ risk and accelerating time to market. With XtendLabs, you will focus on the business needs and stop worrying about technology infrastructure and the IT administrators. Pay only for resources you need without large upfront IT investments to support Big Data and other emerging technology platforms.

Academic Institutions Solutions

These days academic institutions and other online software training organizations are rapidly expanding their software development courses. Due to this rapid growth, and demand for talent in the software industry is increasing. Good software learning courses provide students with hands-on access to a software environment. To learn, practice, and become proficient and expert with software technologies. However, providing hands-on training is difficult and not easy for both students and educators in the on-premises. XtendLabs is a solution that provides students with a hands-on lab environment on-demand, with no installation or setup, and students can access it from any location, at any time.
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