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Navdeep Singh Gill

Navdeep Singh Gill is serving as Chief Executive Officer and Product Architect at XenonStack. He holds expertise in building SaaS Platform for Decentralised Big Data management and Governance, AI Marketplace for Operationalising and Scaling. His incredible experience in AI Technologies and Big Data Engineering thrills him to write about different use cases and its approach to solutions.

Challenges and Solutions for Platform-as-a-Service

Platform Engineering

Challenges and Solutions for Platform-as-a-Service

Overview XenonStack helped XtendLabs to build an Emerging Technology Platform-as-a-Service ( PaaS). On-Demand access to compute and storage infrastructure for Hadoop, NoSQL, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and Blockchain applications. What are the Challenges of Platform-as-a-Service? The challenges of Platform-as-a-Service that XtendLabs Faced are below. Choosing the best provider with minimal cost of the Infrastructure. Best...

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