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Automating Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Technology Solutions

Navdeep Singh Gill | 03 Mar 2021

What are the Challenges of the Enterprises sector?

Nowadays, several e-commerce sites are available in the market. So it is tough for enterprises to fulfill all customer’s needs. As day by day technology is increasing, that's why customers’ expectations also increase, and we need to update ourselves accordingly to grab more customers and generate maximum revenue. In case our services do not make the customer satisfied, it is difficult to remain competitive. An organization must provide the best services to customers to increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and conversion rate.

Solution for Enterprises

  • With xenonstack support, one can able to design a predictive model on real-time data. By using that predictive model, you can predict the customer satisfaction rate and revenue generated this year.
  • To do this, collect historical data of customers and reviews shared by customers and this will also represent customer acquisition cost and customer conversion rate.

Why Xenonstack?

By clicking on the demo button, one can request a demo, and we will give a demo of the prediction model for Enterprises. This will help in understanding whether you achieve your target or not. At what % of customers are satisfied with services and the average revenue generated through each customer.


Enterprise Dashboard with AI-base technology


Described below are the features of an AI-driven dashboard for the Enterprises sector.
  • This dashboard represents March and December. We have the maximum average revenue generated through customers because of the sales period.
  • Dual Line chart represents in March and July; we have minimum customer acquisition cost. The average customer acquisition cost is Rs. 33.71, and the conversion rate is 61.98%.
  • The prediction model predicts revenue generated and customer satisfaction, and we can achieve our target.

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