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Kubernetes Consulting Services and Solutions Company

Kubernetes as a Service Company.

Kubernetes Consulting Services – Driving Agility  

Enterprises moving to the Cloud to improve operational efficiency with the business model of Pay As you go and leverage hardware resources (CPU/GPU) as required to build Data and AI-Driven applications. Containerisation of Application, Microservices, and Serverless architecture driving agility and portability of applications. Kubernetes leads the container orchestration and Management of Services

XenonStack is a Certified Kubernetes Solutions Provider and Consulting Services Provider for Enterprises to build Cloud-Native and serverless Applications with Continuous Delivery, DataOps, and Enterprise AI Platform for Decision Intelligence.

  • Cloud-Native DevOps
  • Cloud-Native and Microservices Applications
  • Application Modernization
  • Enterprise AI and Data Workloads
  • EDGE AI and Federated Learning
  • Docker and Container Security
  • Hybrid and MultiCloud Solutions
  • Production Grade Managed Kubernetes Services
  • Serverless Applications
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What we do in Kubernetes Consulting

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Kubernetes Consulting Services

Streamline your CD/CI process, container orchestration and scale your containerized applications with our Experts.

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Migration to Kubernetes and Microservices

Xenonstack help performs business flow optimization and Migration to Kubernetes with zero downtime.

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Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes

Xenonstack helps in automating delivery pipeline to Kubernetes for your cloud-native application.

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Continuous Intelligence in Kubernetes

XenonStack provides solutions with stateful, stateless or a particular architecture, Big Data Analytics Infrastructure, NoSQL, and SQL Databases.

Why Kubernetes Strategy?

Discover Scalability and modularity with Kubernetes

What are the benefits of Kubernetes?

What are the best practises in Kubernetes Deployment?

What are the best tools for Kubernetes?

How Managed Kubernetes Benefits Your Business?

What are the Security Best Practices for Kubernetes?

Do I need a Package manager for Kubernetes?

Solutions on Leading Multi-Cloud Providers

Specialized Customized Service to Tailor your Business Needs

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Amazon EKS

  • Amazon VPC for isolation
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • IAM for authentication
  • Amazon ECR for container images
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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

  • Elastic provisioning
  • Faster development Cycle
  • Accelerate containerized app development
  • Security Driven
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Google Kubernetes Engine

  • Resource efficiency
  • Automated Operations
  • Open-Source Flexibility
  • Accelerate time to market

Enterprise-Grade Secret Management using Vault for Kubernetes

Integrating Vault for Multi-Cloud Secret Management.

Explore How To Manage Secret in Kubernetes