Content Management System Solutions | Use-Case

Introduction provides 360-degree entertainment to visitors of all ages. Though highly skewed towards the youth populace because of the unique demographic profile of Indians, it reaches out to the majority of the net users.

Xenonstack empowered santabanta to enable the best in the market back-end and front-end technologies, which made the site more alluring and engaging but with the integration of going as backend, react for frontend, and graphql databases consolidation enhanced the complete stability, speed, and reliability of

Challenges in Old Setup

  • Too many redirects
  • Very old web designs
  • Web-Pages were too messy
  • No Optimization
  • Old Backend (
  • Migration Issue

Solution Offered

  • New Santabanta website uses graphql databases, and Redis(cache) for posts management and backend developed in go with powerful APIs and interactive react frontend. Powerful Content Management System for data and posts management on the main website.
  • When the request is made to, the backend looks for the requested web pages (/wallpaper) in Redis (cache) first, and if not present, it will fetch the requested query from graphql databases then from the S3 bucket. Based upon the user’s request, the user is proxied to the old site and new site. (Currently, only wallpaper and cinema service of is working with new architecture)
  • Complete deployment of the infrastructure is by kubernetes. Enabling CDN service, AWS S3, and Route53 for managing and maintaining the APIs.

Architecture of Content Management System

New infrastructure architecture includes components like Redis, ArangoDb, and CDN, getting managed on AWS. Use React for the front-end, and the back-end is monitor by Go.

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