AI Predictive Model for Media and Entertainment Industry

What are the Challenges of Media and Entertainment Industry?

Media and entertainment need to find better solutions to determine which type of content is the real driver of sales to focus on their resources. Nowadays, several apps are available for entertainment, so it is tough to grab customers and increase customers’ retention rate. Although acquiring new customers is very important, it is just as essential to retain existing customers. Not only this, Media and entertainment enterprises also possess a vast amount of data provided by the customer with their clicks. The speed of its analysis is a valuable factor, and to manage that data, finding insight is slow. It is the major problem that companies are facing today.

Solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry

  • Our model will help you know which type of movies/series are mainly liked in a particular location and which category (thriller, action, romance, mystery, drama)is in most demand.
  • We are collecting data from customers and media articles that companies possess. Our model will predict revenue generated this year and rating for this particular series/movie using that data.
  • Through this, you will get an idea of what % we are achieving and where we need to improve.

Why Xenonstack?

Just by clicking on a demo button, one can request the Machine Learning predictive model’s demo. That will represent summarised information of Location from where we are grabbing maximum customers along with a category. This will also help predict the number of customers grabbed this year and revenue generated this year through different categories like action, thriller, drama, and many more.

Dashboard for Media and Entertainment Analytics

Media and Entertainment Analytics Dashboard

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