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Monitoring as a Service in Cloud Computing | Quick Guide

Navdeep Singh Gill | 26 September 2022

Monitoring as a Service in Cloud Computing

Introduction to Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

As the tech world is expanding rapidly with new technologies and new possibilities, these are the security issues and preventive measures to assure a seamless delivery of services. In this current world, everything could be provided as a service, such as Paas (Platform as a service), Saas (Software as a service ), etc. It could now be provided as a service by using multiple tools.

MaaS provides security to technology assets from possible cyberthreats, ensuring a constant and functional delivery of any services. It's a service that can be used flexibly and cost-effectively. With the expansion of it, "MaaS" has gained its position.

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What is the difference between traditional Security and MaaS?

The major difference between them are:

  • MaaS is very cost-effective as compared to traditional security and monitoring operations.
  • Flexibility.
  • The effectiveness of traditional security operations are less than that of MaaS.

What are the features of it?

Top 3 features of Monitoring as a Service are listed below:

  • Prevention against threats
  • Real-time
  • Better delivery

Prevention Against Threats

They are analyzing the alerts in real-time and providing the logs 24/7. The security operations teams collect and analyze the data for probable threats and vulnerabilities and can apply preventive measures or resolve the issue. Its benefits are mentioned below:

  • Detection as early as possible
  • Better GUI/Dashboard support
  • Centralized logs
  • Continuous updates and upgrades

Real-time Monitoring

The collection of data/logs documented helps the developers and operations/ monitoring teams understand the issue and where the issue could be, either on the system or on the application side. Faster detection and resolution of errors/threats is a key feature it.

MaaS eases out many time-consuming issues.

Better Delivery

Business depends upon returns over investment, and building security monitoring infrastructure and a team that could monitor and analyze the logs costs more. Hence, most businesses outsource this service for it to be more cost-effective. These vendors have complete information regarding them with highly skilled teams who are updated with the latest trends in technology.

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What are the types of it?

MaaS can be subdivided into several different regions, but the major ones are :

Cloud Monitoring as a Service

Cloud, a volatile technology, has numerous components that make monitoring a hectic process. It can be defined as collecting logs/data and managing and analyzing them. Management gives a better availability and performance review of the services on a real-time basis and resolves the issues before they arise. It has a large number of components, such as:

Database Monitoring

Cloud Mostly depends on databases to run several services. These techniques review processes, availability, data consumption, and queries. Most of the things could be tracked for security purposes.

Virtual Network

We can monitor network components such as firewalls, load balancers, etc. They are integrated tools designed with it to provide data that could be an asset, such as traffic.

Cloud Storage

This method helps track multiple resources of multiple services and perform analysis simultaneously to check their health and issue. This technique is helpful in Infrastructure as a Code(IaaC) or maybe in Software as a service (Saas). It can track metrics, users, availability of storage space, etc.

Website / Application Monitoring

When we talk about Websites and Applications, these are files stored locally that, when needed, exchange data, and monitoring this flow of data helps in the improvement. It prevents any failure that leads to downtime. Tracking traffic, memory / CPU utilization, free storage space, etc.

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Security Monitoring as a Service

Security observing is predicated on review logs, network security checking (utilizing traffic examination like grunt, etc.), and natural information (see Physical Security, above). Necessities for security checking incorporate as follows:

  • It will be a profoundly accessible and solidified help that is open inside or somewhat in a secure way.
  • The age of cautions in view of robotized acknowledgment that a vital security occasion or circumstance has occurred or is recognized.
  • The conveyance of essential cautions through different means that security and the board are made mindful as soon as possible.
  • The means for security staff to research and arraign an unfurling episode or audit logs to further develop cautioning components or to distinguish security occurrences physically.
  • Execute a cloud-wide interruption and oddity discovery capacity and consider communicating this as a help for inhabitants.

Why it is important?

Monitoring is a crucial cloud security technique with a few significant purposes for CSPs and inhabitants. These include:

  • Danger Detection Some adventures may not be preventable, and a few dangers may not be expected, and in this sense, checking is the last line of protection. In any case, there is a contrast between recognizing a security circumstance and taking care of business.
  • Check of Security Controls Although most security controls are arranged toward upholding security strategy, and observing is utilized to confirm the right activity of other security controls. Assuming occasions that demonstrate activities disallowed by strategy show up in the security occasion stream, this would demonstrate security controls don't accurately authorize that arrangement.
  • The openness of Bugs Security observing has recognized weaknesses or security messes that were already obscure. This can take a few structures, including the setting off of checking rules, which essentially doesn't seem OK when inspected against the observing record.
  • A Legal Record of Activity Security occasion information can shape a lawful record of client or cycle activities. This information should have apparent respectability to be utilized in a judicial procedure (records have not been changed, and they contain a total record). The association should have the option to exhibit a chain of care over the information.
  • Empowering Forensics Security occasion information has extraordinary worth in comprehending the means associated with an adventure alongside knowing the extent of any subsequent harm.
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Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service

Infrastructure monitoring is utilized to gather well-being and execution information from servers, virtual machines, hardware, data sets, and other backend parts. Designers can utilize it for the instrument to picture, dissect, and alert on measurements and comprehend whether a backend issue is influencing clients.

It is a business interaction claimed and worked by IT professionals. Its motivation is to gather and dissect information from the IT framework and use it to develop business results further and drive esteem creation for the association.

Regularly, engineers utilize a framework checking stage to evaluate if their backend parts are causing a client to deal with an issue. To explore why they can then dive into the accompanying asset measurements from their backend:

  • Computer processor Utilization: This shows the handling limit that a host utilizes to deal with processing errands. At the point when an application is surprisingly sluggish or times out, this might demonstrate that the host is under provisioned, lacking adequate CPU to handle demands rapidly and oversee different undertakings.
  • Memory Utilization: This shows the quantity of items or bytes that the host has in transient capacity to run a program. All at the point when a host uses its memory, it can never again acknowledge or serve further demands.
  • Capacity Use: This demonstrates how much plate the host utilizes to store records, pictures, and other substances. Things can be replicated from capacity to short memory when they're expected to run a program. At the point when a host runs out of plate space, you might lose information, or the hidden application might fizzle.
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What are the Use Cases of it?

Tasks groups, DevOps architects, and site unwavering quality specialists (SREs) ordinarily depend on framework observing to help them:


It is ordinarily used to keep occurrences from growing into blackouts. A foundation observing instrument can show which hosts, holders, or other backend parts fizzled or experienced dormancy during an episode. At the point when a blackout happens, designers can figure out which hosts or compartments are capable. This assists groups with settling support tickets and addressing client confronting issues.


It can likewise be utilized to lower costs proactively. For instance, if a portion of your servers is over provisioned or sitting inactive, you can decommission them and run the related responsibilities on less has. You can likewise adjust your framework utilization by guiding solicitations from under provisioned hosts to over provisioned ones.

Forecasting requirements

Businesses can predict future resource utilization by reviewing previous data. For instance, on the off chance that specific hosts were under provisioned during a new item send-off, you can design more CPU and memory in the future during comparative occasions to lessen stress on key frameworks and decrease the probability of income depleting blackouts.


MaaS provides readymade tools with minimal cost. Customers can focus more on their business than worrying about IT security and management. Providing 24/7 availability and assuring immediate resolution. Automating threat detection and management. Provides a high-end analysis of data for managing resources.