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Go Application Performance Monitoring | The Ultimate Guide

Gursimran Singh | 04 Apr 2023

Go Application Performance Monitoring

Introduction to Golang Application Monitoring

Golang Application Monitoring is a component which provides you end-to-end visibility into the performance of your applications. It allows us the following functionalities:
  • Troubleshoot problems like slow response times and application errors.
  • Measure end-to-end transaction performance with the health of individual application and infrastructure nodes.
  • Analyze applications at the code execution level with snapshots.
  • Automatically discover application topology and how components in the application environment fulfill transactions for its users.
  • Receive alerts based on custom or built-in health rules, including rules against dynamic performance baselines which alert you to issues.
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Go Performance Metrics in Real Time

  • Real-time Go metrics out of the box, without any code changes.
  • Dynatrace captures technical details of Golang apps and shows the transactions across several tiers.
  • You receive relevant process metrics steadily and can observe own 3rd party Golang apps with Golang application monitoring.
  • Improves the performance of Golang code and optimize the results by continuous insights into your applications.
  • Monitoring of your Golang apps will start immediately with auto-injection of Dynatrace Golang agent.

Go Performance Monitoring to Optimize the Experience

  • Get the results of continuous user experience insights and single user interaction tracking.
  • Dynatrace helps to control Golang services by providing system data like CPU, responsiveness or memory.
  • Troubleshoot anomalies within Golang application and discover Goroutine leaks to keep down simultaneity issues.
  • Dynatrace allows using the full potential of Golang by breaking findings down into clear, customizable dashboards.
Go App Monitor Golang application performance data monitoring (goappmonitor), a library which provides a monitor on your golang applications. It contains system level based monitoring and business level monitoring i.e, custom monitoring. We just have to add repository into apps and register what we want to monitor. In the golang application code, the user calls the statistics to function provided by goappmonitor; when the statistics function is called, the app monitor generates a statistical record and is stored in memory. GoAppMonitor automatically and regularly records these statistics push to the agent like Open-Falcon agent.
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What are the benefits of Golang Application Monitoring?

The benefits of Golang Application Monitoring are listed below:

  • Used Memory
  • Committed Memory
  • Garbage Collection Metrics
  • Suspension
  • Heap Details
  • Goroutine Run Queue Size
  • Response Time
  • Runtime System Calls
  • Worker Thread Metrics
  • Advanced Logs
  • CPU and memory usage
  • General system performance
  • Network Traffic
  • User Experience Insights

How Golang Application Monitoring Works

While managing proprietary applications, there is no suite of utilities available so we will have to implement our own solutions. Custom solutions, however still require monitoring, in this TechOps at the logical monitor has implemented custom monitoring for some of our internal tools. Back we had a working system in place to back up all of the data, we needed to monitor that system which has several components that need to be monitored, including a metadata database, external storage, and a centralized backup scheduler, along with performance metrics such as network throughput, CPU utilization, memory utilization, and disk performance. Go makes it simple to create an HTTP server inside of any application. This functionality, combined with LogicMonitor's Webpage data collection method and allowed us to expose custom metrics from code and start using that data to monitor our infrastructure.
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What are the best tools for Golang Application Monitoring?

The best tools for Golang Application Monitoring are described below:

New Relic

New Relic for Go, monitors Golang applications and microservices to help in identifying and solve performance issues. We can also use our data to improve customers' experience and make data-driven business decisions. Golang has become a popular coding choice for its ease of use, concurrency, and impressive speed. With New Relic for Go, we will have a new level of visibility in Golang applications:
  • Monitor throughput, response times and errors of transactions.
  • New Relic Infrastructure to view detailed host and server data.
  • Distributed tracing to understand how services and microservices interacting.
  • Deployment markers to see how code changes impact application performance.
  • Understand the application's runtime health by seeing memory usage.
  • Find bottlenecks by seeing time spent on database calls.
  • View Goroutine counts and identify possible Goroutine leaks.
  • Alerts for problems or errors before they affect users.
  • Create custom dashboards for important metrics.
  • Use New Relic Insights to query user-related data.
  • Create custom queries for Golang application data.
  • Send own custom data to Insights.
  • Create and share visual, interactive displays of your data.
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What are the Best Practices of Golang Application Monitoring?

Developers need more basic server monitoring to quickly find and fix application performance problems. Existing application performance management solutions are very extortionate and lack key features that developers need in an APM product. Retrace provides developers cost-effective and easy to use application monitoring software which helps to improve application monitoring.
  • APM
  • Transaction Tracing
  • Metrics
  • Logs
  • Errors
  • Alerts


Retrace collects very detailed data by its code profiling and transaction tracing capabilities. All of the data is aggregated to provide powerful reporting and alerting capabilities. With retrace, we can quickly identify why our application is slow or not working properly.

Transaction Tracing

At the heart of retrace is its ability to collect detailed performance data and transaction traces for applications. It is called as retrace because of it's ability to help you re-trace what your code is doing to easily find bugs and performance problems. Retrace provides the most detailed traces one can find in any APM solution.

Custom Metrics

It's very important to keep an eye on basic server metrics like CPU, memory, network and disk performance. Developers can easily monitor their applications and track things like garbage collection, request queuing, transaction volumes and page load times.

Log Aggregation

Retrace enables to centralize all of the application and server logs in one place. Full-text searching and support for structured logging make it very easy to find anything in the logs. One can even setup log searches to run every few minutes and alert the team.

Application Errors Tracking

One doesn't need to logging errors to log files which don't even people look at. Retrace collect all the exceptions and send an email when new errors are found. Exceptions are exceptionally identified and alerts can be set up based on error rates per application.

Fully Integrated Alerts

Retrace also monitor a lot of different things about the applications and send alerts when something is not working properly. Alerts are grouped by application to show all open alerts for the application in one view instead of a lot of emails. Retrace offers provides a wide range of performance monitoring capabilities.
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Compressive Approach to Golang

Although Golang still is a fresh coding language, it dispenses a lot of benefits. Opposed to other technologies it can be used for a wide range of tasks. The Go programming language compiles immediately and sponsors concurrency at the actual language level. Want to know more about Golang Monitoring, we advice taking the subsequent steps: