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XenonStack Glassdoor -Top 5 Traits of Technology SuperStar

Navdeep Singh Gill | 22 December 2021


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What is Technology SuperStar?

Everyone wants to be a superstar, be it acting, dancing, coding, marketing, or from whatever field they are. But, in XenonStack Glassdoor , Best Place to Work , we make people a real SuperStar in their field. How? Is it a big tag? Does it value that much to a person? Let’s have a brief look at our Journey to understand us better.

How did XenonStack start?

After Working More than One decade in Transformation from 2G, GPRS, EDGE to 3G to 4G and Leaving Foreign Assignment in Africa from Ericsson in 2012, Founder - Navdeep Singh Gill started Organization towards Cloud, Big Data and AI. Starting from April 2012 to till 2015 , Navdeep have given 77 Session On Cloud , big Data and AI in different Colleges and Universities of North India.

Started Training Academy Stack Labs for providing training to fresh graduates. Started MeetUps Community with Pydata Chandigarh, Chandigarh DataOps , Chandigarh AI and Cloud Native Chandigarh.The vision is to Building Chandigarh as Hub for DevOps, Big Data and AI Started Xenon DigiLabs and Xenonstack for Building Products and Solutions in Cloud, Big Data and AI. Presently Building Platform and Solutions .

  1. Nexastack - Infrastructure as Code Platform
  2. ElixirData - Data Mesh Platform for Augmented Intelligence
  3. Meta Secure - Cloud Native Security and DevSecOps as a Service
  4. Akira AI - Explainability AI, Model Observability and Privacy Perserving ML

What do We do?

Being a Product Development and Data-Driven Solution provider, XenonStack successfully provided solutions for DevOps, Real-Time Analytics, Machine learning, Deep Learning & AI for enterprises and the government.

Vision of XenonStack

XenonStack has a vision of, Embedding the Internet in every aspect of life; easing human life using analytics and IoT products; contributing towards high performance, highly available and reliable solutions. None of these is possible without self-motivated, passionate professionals we have. This way, we speed up the process of graduate's evolution to professional. Scroll ahead and know what exactly makes a 'XenonStack SuperStar'.

Top 5 Traits of XenonStack's SuperStar

The listed below are the top 5 traits of XenonStack's SuperStar


Our ability to look beyond and the question ‘The Visible’ makes us predict the future in a better way. This curiosity to dig in the ‘Why’s’ and the ‘How’s’ feeds our intellect.
This curiosity culminates in bringing “The limitless possibilities of Solutions" to Reality. On our walk to the ‘Road to Solutions’, we create unnumbered stories and inspire Myriad minds. This is just what a XenonStack SuperStar is expected to do.

Adaptive and Lean

Our ability to adapt to new ways of working helps us to evolve in this fast-paced technological world quickly. Our Agility towards the change keeps us calm in storms, high pressure or fast-moving environments.

This adaptability & leanness has raised our standards to that an extent that the ‘Usual is Boring’ for us. This is the reason why we are always on a quest to do something new every day.

Belief in Actions, Not Words

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”. Our ways of working and culture speak for itself. We believe in doing rather talking because Talking is Exhaustive and Actions have Impacted. It is a prime trait of XenonStack SuperStar. Our proficiency to effectuate answers is the result of our approach to Profound Research. We respect and acknowledge the problems as they possess the firepower to achieve the answers.

Ninja - Samurai Technologists

Like Ninjas, we put all our skills and talents to enhance the technology. Our astonishing speed and remarkable effectiveness leads to innovation and makes us ‘Dare to Dream Bigger and Aim Higher’. Like Samurais, we reflect the perfection in our craft by following 'Continuous Experimentation' and practising the 'Code Of Conduct'. We compose very elegant, fluid, portable, and coherent solutions to any class of problems. That's how one becomes a XenonStack SuperStar for real.

Expert Coders, Feeble Talkers

A person sitting quietly on the couch with a system on their lap might be changing the world because of one simple, yet complex thing called ‘CODE’. CODE has the ability to invoke ‘Boundless Possibilities to a Better Future’. A code is the ‘Blessing to Mankind’. It is what makes the patient reach the doctor, without the hassles of actually visiting the doctor. It is what brings a mom close to her son, who is living thousands of miles away from her. No wonder it is the best place to work around.

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What XenonStack Has to Offer!

XenonStack is a leading Software Company in Product Development and provides solutions for DevOps, Big Data Integration, Real-Time Analytics, and Data Science. Check out our products to know more about us.

NexaStack – Unified DevOps Platform provides monitoring of Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack Infrastructure, Big Data Infrastructure and uses advanced machine learning techniques for Log Mining and Log Analytics.

ElixirData – Modern Data Integration Platform enables enterprises and other agencies for Log Analytics and Log Mining.

Akira.AI is an automated & knowledge drive Artificial Intelligence platform that enables you to automate the infrastructure for training and deploying deep learning models on Public Cloud as well as On-Premises.

MetaSecure - A Cloud-Native Security Observability Platform for K8s, Serverless and Multi-Cloud Environment


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